Muzaffarnagar Riots: Silence of the lambs at Court No 11

A ground report from Muzaffarnagar unravels conspiracy of silence and miscarriage of justice

“Change, to be real, has to come from people”


SEWA founder Ela Bhatt on how to build ‘hundred-mile communities’

What transpired at syria peace talks


As the Islamic State puts Europe in a spot, the UN fights to bring opposing Syrian parties together

Withering threads


Why the weaver of the famous Banarasi silk is unhappy

A day in the life of a trooper

Indo-Bangla Ties

All the action from the first-ever India-Bangladesh joint drill in the riverine borders of the Sundarbans

Money Bill: Lost in translation


Money bill is exhaustively defined in the constitution but it is often interpreted with political expediency in mind rather than the purpose and intent behind carving out this exception

Meaningful cinema should be more accessible to common people


Interview with Sanjay Joshi, national convener, Cinema of Resistance

Not a joke anymore!


Is banning ‘sardar jokes’ a waste of time or a necessity to stop ethnic stereotypes?

“We will use drones to monitor construction and operations”


Interview with Greg Bentley, CEO, Bentley Systems

Ballot booth on your desktop


The election commission’s decision to explore online voting is a right step towards more inclusive democracy. It will have to cross many hurdles before it can take the leap

Art transplant


TM Krishna, a Carnatic vocalist and writer, talks about a unique socio-cultural initiative which brings different art forms and communities closer to each other

Citizen, surveillance and statistics


Surveillance is an old game; its post-Aadhaar scope is a concern

Making tribal entrepreneurs


Forest dwellers can turn to business and even provide jobs to others by taking advantage of the large market of forest produce

Lessons from NPA crisis


Banks have an opportunity to learn from the current mess and adopt pragmatic policies

“Social security should be a rights-based approach”


Interview with Ranjit Prakash, national project coordinator, SPF, ILO India

The soothing balm of ayurveda


After a pioneering initiative by a panchayat, ayurveda doctors redefine palliative care in Kerala, bringing relief to patients written off by modern medicine

Towards second green revolution


With a slew of incentives to propel agricultural growth, the budget was only good news for the farmer

In conversation with artist Suresh K Nair

On a personal note

Nair and his students are actively involved in promoting art through various public art projects like turning shabby walls and neglected garbage dump sites into beautiful wall murals.