Pause before you pop. It may be spurious

Pharmakon, in Greek, can mean remedy as well as poison. There is often no difference between the two as many pharma firms cut costs and make money by manufacturing substandard medicines

All eyes on Amma


Despite no concrete development during her tenure, experts predict Amma’s tradition of freebies and a split in the opposition will make her win again

Article 356: ‘The dead letter’ comes alive


That is what Ambedkar had thought of the fate of Article 356. It continues to be misused in political battles. The judiciary has set precedents but they do not provide adequate relief

Delhi needs policies to complement odd-even


Melba Pría, Mexico’s Ambassador to India talks about Delhi`s odd-even policy

Summer breaks: The jury is out


The pile of pending cases is a good argument to stop the colonial practice of summer breaks in the judiciary. However, there are also good reasons why it has continued

“Drug regulatory structure is not sound”


An interaction with Dinesh Thakur, whistleblower and campaigner for drug quality

Mohalla Sabha: Direct democracy dobara


The Aam Aadmi Party is all set for its second tryst with people’s participation in budget spending. Will it receive Delhi’s support this time?

Giving people’s money back to them


Atishi Marlena, AAP leader

Selecting for the top UN job

Letter from Europe

The process of selecting United Nations secretary-general has often been questioned and criticised. Will this year see some transparency in selection?

It’s the crop pattern


Lack of rainfall is not the only reason for water shortage in several regions of the country. Uncontrolled lifting of ground water for unsuitable crops is also a cause

India to end open defecation


Ram Kripal Yadav, Minister of state for drinking water & sanitation talks about Swachh Bharat Mission

West Bengal’s sunset industry


Bad crop and ban by Bangladesh on export of raw jute are hurting both the farmers and the industry, impacting over 43 lakh people in the state

Ujjain banks on green Kumbh to turn smart

Saffron turns Green

Ujjain banks on green Kumbh to turn smart

The forest hymn


The daily life of the Kondhs explains what makes tribals fight for forests

Bridging the gap in Bihar

Ground Report

Two new rail bridges have drastically reduced travel time between important towns

Using data to improve social welfare schemes


Interview with Aruna Sharma, secretary, department of electronics and information technology (DeitY)

When banking goes mobile


With the increase in adoption of mobile banking applications, there is also a rise in security risks associated with them

Smart city: Developing city around citizens

Smart Cities

Interview: Dr R Meenakshi Sundaram, vice chairman, Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority (MDDA)

Making India a cultural power


Pratibha Prahlad, Artist talks on the importance of cultural diplomacy, managing cultural scenario and encouraging the promotion of arts and art forms

In conversation with musician Abhay Sopori

On a personal note

"Anything that I have been able to do and achieve in life is because of santoor"