Drought and Dearth: Time for a water law

Led by Rajendra Singh, drought-hit people from across the country gather to demand a water conservation bill

Bring law to allow women inside places of worship


Trupti Desai, founder, Bhumata Brigade Desai talks about her firebrand activism that has caught the imagination of people

Cash flow difficulties

Tamil Nadu Polls

In Tamil Nadu, record cash has been seized even as some candidates are deploying innovative ways to bribe voters. But EC is not far behind on the learning curve

Scary scarcity of water


Climate change and economic growth will worsen water shortage, says an MIT study. (Also includes water activist Rajendra Singh`s interview)

Thirsty world stares at limp economy


Water scarcity, exacerbated by climate change, can cost some regions up to 6 percent of GDP, spur migration and spark conflict, says a World Bank report

Take your kids out to Nainital lake...

Ground Report

They may not get another chance to see it next summer as the water level of the famous lake is reducing at an alarming pace.

And unquiet flows the Yamuna


It is pristine... till it reaches Delhi. Now there is another mission to clean it – without learning lessons from previous attempts

No safe zones

Letter from Europe

Will countries adhere to International Humanitarian Law after UNSC adopts another resolution?

Green is the new pink


A gang of women have banished drug and liquor from Khushiyari village near Varanasi

Tunnels of hope in valley


How NHAI is meeting the enormous challenge of digging long tunnels in mountains to bring Kashmir closer to the rest of India

NHAI chairman Raghav Chandra: Interview


NHAI chairman talks about steps taken by the highway authority to speed up highway construction projects, improve maintenance of highways and make them safer and more user friendly

Fundamental rights vs fundamentalism


In opposing triple talaq, Shayara Bano aims higher than Shah Bano: she questions constitutional validity of discriminatory practices sanctioned under Muslim personal law

Listen to the rumble in poor’s stomach

Right to Food

An ambitious food security law that vows to ensure that the poor don’t go hungry is languishing, with some states not even completely identifying the beneficiaries

Documenting her way to filmmaking


Despite her family’s weak financial condition, Pushpa Rawat has made a mark in the world of documentary films, touching lives of the ordinary

How consumer friendly our states are


Consumer Online Foundation, a national level consumer organisation, undertook a pan-India study on citizens’ perception of consumer-friendly states.

Coming soon: electronic health record


Then, people won’t have to lug around medical records and policy makers will now know about diseases in real time. But there are down sides too

A unified way of doing banking

Mobile Banking

With unified payment interface, users can access multiple bank accounts through single platform on a smartphone

In conversation with singer Kailash Kher

On a personal note

"When people love my music, my work. Every moment of my life I feel high"

All’s not well as wells end


Water is becoming less a matter of life and more of death