When the bottle is full empty

Call it populism, call it keeping the promise: Kerala, Bihar and now Tamil Nadu are going dry. Presenting ground reports from the states and a counter-view

"Right to education should be from age three"


TSR Subramanian talks about the new education policy and the concerns that guided the commitee in preparation of the report

Modi’s Swiss sojourn

Letter from Europe

Reviews ties, negotiates for a ‘yes’ on inclusion into NSG, and broaches black money issue

“The Left reunification is possible”


Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy believes that reunification of the Left parties can help consolidate the communist movement

On a short fuse


The Pulgaon accident has reignited the debate over safety of ammunition storage. That debate should consider these nuances of ammunition management

Image and reality


Deleting scenes from the film cannot hide the reality of drug abuse in Punjab

“We should have more seats in the assembly”


Harish Rawat is back in power in Uttarakhand, but facing a CBI inquiry over the alleged horse-trading sting. He speaks to Governance Now

Dry Bihar heaves a sigh of relief


The state has gone a step further and set up de-addiction centres where die-hard alcoholics find help in battling withdrawal symptoms

Promises aside, Tamil Nadu still reeks of alcohol


The grand announcement to shut 500 liquor shops is the first baby step to gradually enforce prohibition in Tamil Nadu, a state that has been high on alcohol for years

Tipplers lick chapped lips as Kerala slowly goes dry


The state plans to go completely dry over the next 10 years. Alcoholics are unhappy, but their families are elated with the decision which the now ruling Left may not undo

Why prohibition doesn’t make economic sense


Banning booze is apparently earning votes. But what about humongous revenue loss – not to mention hooch tragedies?

A calamity bigger than drought


Authorities failed to use MGNREGA and NFSA provisions meant for relief in difficult times, forcing the supreme court to intervene

“This government wants to make us brain-dead”

Breaking Bread

Governance Now speaks to MK Raina, actor, theatre personality and cultural activist

Why he opted for IRS instead of IAS


Because it allows you to understand the pulse of economy. That’s the reason behind the AIIMS doctor’s counter-intuitive move

“We opened over 36L accounts under PMJDY”


OBC executive director Rajkiran Rai G spoke to Governance Now about the challenges and hurdles before the banking sector and the ways to tide over them

Hello, are you listening?


Ask the customers who continue to face call drops, even after telcos pledged an investment of Rs 12,000 crore to set up 60,000 towers

e-Bazaar comes to the village


e-commerce is bridging the digital divide – with some help from India Post

An IIT in every classroom...


... provided there is uninterrupted internet access and power supply. Web-based Swayam platform is ambitious but will face infrastructure challenges

The potential of forensics


In an interaction with Governance Now, Petrus Marais of KPMG talks about the need of forensics with the increasing focus on cyber security.

“I never diluted my gayaki”


Girija Devi, one of the finest classical and folk vocalists shares her thoughts on folk-classical music, reality shows, fusion and films

In conversation with dancer Mallika Sarabhai

On a personal note

"An empowered woman neither defines herself by her gender nor limits her thoughts, choices or action because of her gender"