Dexit dilemma

Full statehood is a potential solution to the national capital’s powerless governance, but it remains mired in politics

That’s something to chew on


Milk production will be affected by climate change but indigenous cow breeds can save the day. Farmers, however, see no benefit in their conservation. Now the government steps in

Fiscally arguable, politically impossible


A retired bureaucrat who served with the Delhi govt demystifies the narrative about the much-sought-after statehood for the capital, and concludes it may be well-nigh impossible

How to stop human trafficking


The draft bill is full of flaws. Strengthen it before introducing it in parliament

Brexit: Shakes Europe, stirs Scotland

Letter from Europe

After Britain’s referendum, European leaders scramble to keep EU from disintegrating as Scotland considers vetoing it

Accommodation available


The BJP MP’s claim of mass exodus of Hindus from Kairana is nothing but a political ploy ahead of the UP elections

Include medicine cost in insurance


Cardiovascular disease requires long-term treatment and medicines are simply not within the reach of the poor in India, shows a study

How to make a model village


Money alone does not make an `adarsh gram`. Community-led initiatives do

Beware, be aware of gestational diabetes


The incidence of gestational diabetes in India varies from 10 percent pregnant women in rural areas to 30 percent in urban areas, only a small proportion are diagnosed and provided care

Big Brothers will keep watching you


A comprehensive privacy law is virtually shelved, as the government plans to amend the IT Act to ensure only data privacy

A short history of right to privacy


Even as India is planning to use schemes like Meghraj for cloud computing, it has fallen to rank 18 in cloud computing due to absence of privacy law

Engineering gender equality with design

Book review

In a new book, Harvard behavioural economist Iris Bohnet offers fresh ideas to address complex gender bias

In conversation with author Amish Tripathi

On a personal note

"The government shouldn’t be interfering in cultural matters at all. Let people decide"