“If I was not forced to present an interim budget I would’ve also made the same speech”

Yashwant Sinha has a critical role in the story of India’s economic reforms. Sinha spoke with Governance Now on the ups and downs of the 25 years of a tumultuous journey

Who will reform the idea of reform?


The missing reforms - electoral, judicial and administrative. Without these, economic performance will be patchy. On these three elements of soft infrastructure, we have failed totally

"Public sector reform has been a non-starter"


Montek Singh Ahluwalia made the biggest contribution in planning and implementing the economic reforms. In an interaction, he looks back on those momentous days

Memories, bitter and sweet


"The crisis of 1991 is the most momentous event I was ever involved in", says Ashok V Desai as he remembers the crucial period

Children of Reforms


"As we internationalised, so did our minds, hearts and souls. Talk to any Child of Reforms, and one of the things that will hit you is their global outlook", says economic journalist, Alam Srinivas

"The neoliberal regime is also reaching a dead end"


Prabhat Patnaik, a Marxist economist and a Rhodes scholar, authored several books including Time, Inflation and Growth. He spoke to about why India hasn’t changed for the better after 1991

"Liberalistion was a political decision"


We spoke to Vinay Sitapati, author of Half-Lion: How P.V. Narasimha Rao Changed India, who focused on the man who unleashed historic transformation despite a minority regime

The business of living, then and now


An account of how the economic reforms impacted the life of a middle class family

"India has a special leadership role"


Mukhisa Kituyi, the secretary-general of UNCTAD speaks on the upcoming ministerial conference, the proliferation of regional trade deals, black money and low-tax havens, among other issues

In search of a uniform code


Is consensus around the common civil code a far-fetched idea?

Cowering Chennai fears flood fury


The megalopolis doesn’t seem to have learnt lessons from last year’s widespread devastation. Monsoons are approaching and residents are worried

Seventh pay commission: A damp squib?


An extra Rs 1.02 trillion in the hands of government employees and pensioners can cheer the economy, but the below-expectation pay hike fails to cheer them

Smoke signals from TRAI for harried mobile users


Phone users are at their wits’ end to get their problems redressed. TRAI now plans to propose an independent body to tackle consumer complaints

In conversation with sarod maestro

On a personal note

"Classical music is like the sun and the moon and will exist till the time these solar bodies will exist" says Amjad Ali Khan