All you wanted to know about Income Declaration Scheme*

*But were afraid to ask. It is government’s last valiant attempt to bring black money out, and make it productive for economy

“We have plan for revival of MTNL”


Minister of state for railways Manoj Sinha has also taken charge of the telecom ministry, speaks on the steps being taken to tackle call drops, as well as on reviving of MTNL

No longer bone dry

Ground report

An ambitious attempt to harness flood water is all set to pay dividends as canals in Gujarat’s parched Saurashtra region have finally been filled with gushing water, bringing joy to farmers

Ex JNU professor on RSS and Gandhi assassination


Mridula Mukherjee, author of `RSS, School Texts and the Murder of Mahatma Gandhi: The Hindu Communal Project`, explains the context of the Mahatma’s murder and the RSS role

Back to homeland


The landmark SC verdict not only gives Singur farmers their land back but also sets precedent for others fighting against land acquisition in other states

“People don’t want to part with cash and pay taxes”


“At present the mentality is to watch others and disclose income only if others have done it,” says DS Saksena, principal chief commissioner, income tax, Mumbai

Time to end marriage of bad money & bad politics


Until a regime of social controls and accountability is instituted for parties and corporates, other steps, howsoever essential and even effective, would ultimately boomerang

“The [IDS] scheme is counterproductive”


“If we will have such schemes, people get the message that you generate black income and you can convert it into white later,” says Arun Kumar, retired economics professor, JNU

Justifying personal law discrimination


AIMPLB’s justification for discrimination against women flies in the face of constitutional guarantee against discrimination on the ground of gender

Cluster munitions are very much here

Letter from Europe

Many nations are pledging to stop the use, production and support of cluster bombs. But change can come only when key players including Russia carry the same intent

“Banning commercial surrogacy is the only way”


“Surrogacy option lies at the end of the road. We must prevent infertility and promote adoption,” says Mohan Rao, professor, Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health, JNU

Surrogacy and gender justice


Further focus on gender development is needed so that women can lead more productive life goals and not sell their bodies for ‘sex’ or ‘reproduction’

Quick turnaround


Maharashtra’s information commission has set a blistering pace to tackle pending backlog, with a top official clearing a staggering 6,000 cases last year

Childhood restored

Ground report

A new model of education is helping Odisha’s Mayurbhanj, one of India’s largest districts, become child labour-free by October

An evolving healthcare system


SN Sathu, CEO of HLL Infra Tech Services Limited (HITES), speaks about the work the company is doing to evolve the healthcare system in an affordable way

The coming data revolution


As Mukesh Ambani urged the subscribers to do “data giri”, a look at the Jio game plan

Making Smart Cities financially smart


There is a rush to make the Indian cities ‘smart’, but systems need to be established to facilitate channeling of scarce resources

Changing scenario in UP

Conference Report

Officials and experts discuss developmental reforms and challenges ahead

In conversation with author Ashwin Sanghi

On a personal note

“I don’t require the government to do anything except ensure that freedom of expression is protected at all costs.”