The grandmaster

Ajit Doval: The man behind the doctrine

Levelling the playing field


The Lodha committee reforms are a shot in the arm for cricket, but practical considerations are being sacrificed for lofty goals

Doctoring his way to the top


Ketan Desai remains mired in several controversies, but he has only risen through the ranks



A panel to take care of the interests of marginal people is pushed to the margins

Lighting up the Indian kitchens

Ground report

A ground report on the government’s efforts to make the kitchens of rural India ujjwal

Proxy war for Aleppo at the UN

Letter from Europe

The big powers seem to be in no mood to loosen their stranglehold on Syria

When TB numbers go out of count


The number of TB patients in India may be up to two to three times higher than current estimates, shows a new study, calling for new policy initiatives

Childhood lost in fumes


Fix responsibilities, build infrastructure to keep homeless children away from drugs

Regulatory framework remains cloudy


With the bifurcation of the communications and IT ministry, monitoring cloud computing becomes an uphill task

Nightmare on the cyber street


Women dread being stalked online and being bombarded with nasty messages from strangers on social networking sites. The law will have to evolve

Automation: A boon or bane?


Will it make our lives easier or only increase income inequality?

The drama is yet to unfold


The NSD is the most prestigious institution in the country for theatre training. But it needs to revise its script to serve its purpose better

In conversation with Nawazuddin Siddiqui

On a personal note

“The government should focus on areas that trouble small farmers.”