And Truth Shall Have No Dominion

In a post-truth world, political victories are being forged on social media using rumours, half-truths and downright lies

“A slow genocide of whole way of life in Bastar”


Nandini Sundar talks about her new book, questions stakeholders and analyses insurgency and counterinsurgency in Chhattisgarh

Blank will


The death of Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa has led to intense speculation about who will inherit her considerable assets, including the landmark Poes Garden mansion and over 21 kg gold

Nagrota attack should worry security mandarins


As the National Investigation Agency takes over the probe of the attack, many questions remain unanswered

High Dose

Drug pricing

Drugs in India are in any case exorbitantly priced. And now come reports that the price authority may be wound up soon

More lies ahead


Post-truth politics is not a new phenomenon, but social media and the anxieties of our times make it doubly dangerous

The post-truth of demonetisation


Dilip Cherian, director, Perfect Relations and image management guru, talks anout post-truth phenomenon in the Indian context

“[Demonetisation] is regressive and anti-poor”


Dr KC Chakrabarty, former deputy governor, Reserve Bank of India, explains why he is a critic of demonetisation and its implementation

Hulkonomics and the 2D effect

Black Money

(Or how I learned to stop worrying and love demonetisation) - Demonetisation and Digitalisation are two sides of the same coin called Dematerialisation

Are we ready to go cashless?

Black Money

As the volume of digital transactions goes up, are the electronic payment gateways prepared to handle this rush?

The lost youth of Arab states

Letter from Europe

A UN human development report reveals the extent of unemployment, among other problems, which plague young people in many Arab states

Rough weather ahead for UDAN


The government aims to boost air travel between smaller cities. Attracting passengers will be a tough task

A new track


A 92-year-old tradition ends with the doing away of the railway budget, which is being merged with the general budget. Only the highlights will be presented

“Norwegian companies in India are optimistic”


Nils Ragnar Kamsvåg, ambassador of Norway to India, speaks about the promising business opportunities in India, demonetisation and other matters

Civvies won’t march, fatigues won’t scribe


Managing the relationship between bureaucrats, diplomats and the armed forces is a delicate affair in a democracy. There’s no scope for ad-hocism, but strict lines can’t be laid down either

Not slumming it anymore

Ground report

A slum-rehab programme in Ahmedabad gives the poor a humane deal. It’s a model other cities could replicate

Looking for a good job


The demographic dividend can be a boon if the workforce is given productive jobs. Otherwise, India must prepare for social unrest

“Note-ban forcing people towards digital payments”


New research concludes that where you emit matters more than how much

In conversation with singer Shubha Mudgal

On a personal note

“It would be fantastic if a vibrant arts education programme that gives due importance to the diversity of Indian arts could be created and implemented in mainstream school education.”