A tale of two cities

How a sarkari city overtook Mumbai as a business centre

Fifty days and still shaking

Black Money

It’s on the small towns and villages, on the mandis and the small-scale units that demonetisation inflicted its worst cuts. From these places emerge many grim tales.

When dhando leaves Mumbai

A tale of two cities

The business capital of India is losing its place to Delhi, and grumbling will do no good. The resilient city must help itself before it’s too late.

The mind, the heart, and two great cities

A tale of two cities

Choosing between Mumbai and Delhi is like picking between two opinionated best friends. It’s really tough

India, Israel can create “more magic”


Israeli ambassador in India Daniel Carmon sheds light on the major areas of bilateral cooperation

Rich man’s bitter pill

Letter from Europe

Access to affordable medicines is not an exclusive concern of the poorer countries. The US, UK, Europe too find it tough to keep essential drugs reasonably priced.

Tamil Nadu’s new empress


It has been a meteoric rise for Sasikala, who once ran a video-casette business. She is now on the verge of being anointed successor to late Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa

Ballia Blues

Ground report

The people of Ballia feel cursed as arsenic contamination in drinking water has ravaged their bodies. The authorities are doing precious little to help them.

A swipe won’t get you a ticket here


If Indian Railways wants to go digital, it will need to do so in a big way. With just 76 point of sale (PoS) terminals at 63 stations across the nation, a beginning has hardly been made

Indian PSUs: Is a metamorphosis possible?


As PSU awards come to a close, a look at what made some stand out against the rest

Does the net speak Dogri?


Not yet, but government and industry are trying to make the cornucopia of information on the net available in Indian languages

A water spirit from the Thar desert

Book excerpt

An excerpt from the conservationist’s Rajasthan Ki Rajat Bunde, celebrating a tradition of water self-sufficiency

In conversation with singer Lucky Ali

On a personal note

“We are the poor farmers of the music field”