Free money? Seriously?

Universal basic income, an idea from medieval European philosophy, is offered as the mother of all welfare schemes. Money for nothing, which unburdens your mind to a degree, has its downsides and needs some homework before implementation. It’s an idea Modi is bound to be enthused by and he may be expected to give it full consideration. After demonetisation, this could be his next big thing.

Delhi in your lungs


As much damage as three cigarettes – that’s what just living in the capital does to its residents’ health on a ‘good air day’. On a ‘bad air’ day? Well, it’s 25 cigarettes

It’s up to you!


Caveat emptor, the Latin expression for ‘let the buyer beware’, finds place in discussions on consumer rights. But what is its origin? Is it relevant today?

The big idea takes tiny steps


Pilot projects in some villages of Madhya Pradesh found UBI making a big difference

“Basic income should have maximum inclusion”


Interview with Renana Jhabvala, SEWA Bharat

“J&K can be experimental ground for UBI”


Interview with Haseeb Drabu, finance minister, Jammu and Kashmir

Look who’s playing the highland game


Election-bound Punjab is in a drug-induced stupor, cancer from pesticide exposure is rampant in its farm belts. Old-guard politicians have been lazy, and AAP hopes to cash in

Tough times for labour market & global trade

Letter from Europe

A new ILO report warns of high global unemployment levels in coming years. It also makes special mention of the vulnerably employed

“Post DeMo, deployment of funds a big challenge”


Interview with Rajnish Kumar, managing director (National Banking Group), State bank of india

Debunking ersatz tax theories


Making tax machinery more efficient is essential to reform the economy post demonetisation

Trains to tragedy


Mishaps in the past have mocked the railways’ claim of introducing high-speed trains with no concrete safety plan in place

The distaff conundrum


The percentage of women on the workforce has declined over the last decade. Experts agree on that, but are hard-pressed to explain this worrying trend

Grads with grades that go nowhere


The trouble plaguing Young India today is that its schools and colleges put them through the wheels but leave them without usable skills. This has to change.

Everyone’s public policy

Book review

A new book from the Oxford India Short Introduction series explains why and how public policymaking is no longer confined to the legislature

In conversation with writer Jerry Pinto

On a personal note

“I believe we think that governance is someone else’s responsibility. Good governance is actually a cooperative, collective endeavour”