The BJP’s stupendous success in Uttar Pradesh has silenced his critics and blunted all the criticism directed at prime minister Narendra Modi. He has since emerged as the undisputed leader with a mass following, much like Indira Gandhi after the 1971 war. A look at the man and his mystique...

Yogi Adityanath is the right choice. Here’s why

Opening comment

It was a mandate for majoritarianism. And 2019 won’t be any different

Is runaway taxation stifling Indian economy?


You may not have noticed but indirect taxes are rising fast, fueling inflation and hurting the rich and poor alike. Blame it on government’s insatiable urge to spend – without fixing basic faults on revenue side

The secret of Modi’s success


Or, Democracy for Realists

A trusty old sword takes on leprosy


After more than 12 years of lying in the freezer, Dr GP Talwar’s vaccine is brought out to do battle against the disease. Thereby hangs a tale...

Turbocharge Make in India with power of platforms


A centralised model has its advantages, but a distributed business model is necessary for an India that needs to actively engage with questions of equity and access along with scale, speed and sustainability

Why Mumbai’s high-flying dreams are grounded


The metro’s push for a world-class international airport has hit turbulent weather caused by policy logjam, lack of political will and rank bad planning

“Privacy is what makes life worth living”


In an interview, Joseph A Cannataci, the UN’s special rapporteur on the right to privacy, speaks about increased reach of governments into private lives – and about Aadhaar

Whose womb is it anyway?


A stringent bill proposes to ban commercial surrogacy. Shouldn’t it rather ensure that surrogates are not exploited, for an outright ban might well drive the business underground?

Pop his capsule, and it’ll screen you for cancer


A new tool is now available to detect esophageal cancer and its US-based Indian developer, Dr Maunil Bhatt, is gung-ho about putting it to use for poor Indians

Now coupled to safety


The railways has decided to go for LHB coaches, designed not to topple or telescope into each other during a collision. The Raebareli coach factory, where they are made, has a hectic schedule

REIL’s growth potion: Hop, skip and jump


REIL managing director AK Jain talks about the company’s story so far and future plans.

Are we there yet?


Though local internet service providers have started making inroads into the remote-hilly areas, there is still a long way to go

“Criticism of DeMo was not properly articulated”


C Rammanohar Reddy talks about demonetisation, the Left, and journalism.

In conversation with actor Mohan Agashe

On a personal note

“An artist who lives in his own dream world is disconnected from society and does art for art’s sake. As an artist, I cannot isolate myself from society and have to relate to social issues.”