The last lap for AAP?

For a party that once hoped to shine nationally, it’s a pity that its future will be tested in a municipal election. Can Arvind Kejriwal turn around AAP’s fortunes for the better?

“Right to health should be there in Health Policy”


President, Public Health Foundation of India, Dr K Srinath Reddy talks about pluses and minuses of new health policy

Changing with climate change


Trump’s reversal is an opportunity to reframe climate change as a social and not a physical problem

Kashmir’s second stone age


The grave implications of the record-breaking low turnout (about seven percent) for one byelection and postponement of another

CIC’s changing status quo

Commissions & Omissions

Even after more than a decade of its existence, the commission continues to struggle with issues of staff crunch and pending cases

“The focus area is to minimise pendency


Interview with Radha Krishna Mathur, chief information commissioner

The great Syrian war game

Letter from Europe

A chemical attack, allegedly by the Syrian government, and the US missile attack on Shayrat air base. Countries react to the upturn in the conflict.

Broken, Battered, Bleak

Photo Essay

Call it agit-grotesque for want of a better expression, but the images from the protest site, as our photographer found, are hard to erase from the mind.

Cracked earth, parched throat


Tamil Nadu is facing its worst drought in over 140 years and desperate farmers are killing themselves

A recurrent script plays out again in Orissa


In 2015-16, over 200 farmers committed suicide in Orissa. This year, five have taken their lives in quick succession. Is there no way the government can check farm distress?

For healthy and mature future leaders


Diego Palacios, country representative (India), UNFPA talks about well-being of adolescents

For a cycle of change


Minister Mansukh Mandviya speaks about his ministries, BJP’s prospects in Gujarat and his mission – cycling.

Why a hero gets a zero


Dismal appraisal of Magsaysay winner raises questions

The might of monies


Escalating election expenses is antithetical to democracy. A look at how parties raised and spent funds in the seven state elections.

Why India needs a bullion bank


How come a country with an insatiable demand for the yellow metal has little say in the global market?

For a free and open access


TRAI’s idea of free data is centred on an aggregator model. But for critics, it is a new form of zero rating.

Where centuries meet

Governance of Culture

Despite staff crunch, all seems well for the National Museum in the capital

Interview with author Githa Hariharan


“What kind of learning or writing can happen if you are not even allowed to discuss the world you live in?”

"I prefer to stay behind camera"

On a Personal Note

Art director Thota Tharrani talks about his journey in film industry and more

The carbon debate, with shades of grey


Carbon dioxide may not be the villain in global warming, after all. Scientists find it has helped increase earth’s green cover