In Gandhi’s footsteps

Champaran, the site of the Mahatma’s first major campaign after his return to India, is ripe for another satyagraha – like the rest of the country

Arvind panagariya on India’s growth prospects

Breaking Bread with Governance Now

The vice chairman of the Aayog discusses concepts of planning, policymaking and ways to boost the country’s economic growth

No ladies seat on the morning bus home


The government wants to allow women to work in night shifts across all sectors. But will the economy benefit? And what about women?

India should help rebuild Iraq


The Daesh is about to be vanquished. Iraqi ambassador to India wants New Delhi to get involved in the reconstruction of his war-ravaged country

Of being impoverished and diseased

Letter from Europe

Fresh commitments made to end neglected tropical diseases. The stakes are high in India, where leprosy, dengue and chikungunya rage

Remembrance of scams past


Or, in search of lost money. What we can learn from past scandals and what we need to do to prevent them

Gandhi gave a master class in political action


Forgotten lessons from the Champaran satyagraha – India’s “first direct object-lesson in Civil Disobedience”, as its prime mover described it

Ensuring equal rights to mentally ill patients


Interview with Vikram Patel, psychiatrist and researcher

India ‘on course’ to fight malnutrition


An ongoing mission in Karnataka shows the way to overcome challenges

Good grassroot governance


Volunteers have helped villagers in Haryana’s Nuh district to have better access to government schemes. The initiative is worth replicating in other parts of the country

Zero spread banking


Is the model of payment banks flawed? Will they fade away like pagers?



Its past and future

Obsolete and redundant


Dead laws impose heavy burden and their costs outweigh their benefits and thus are in a need of simplification, amendments or repeals

Here come the job killers!


Robots, automation, artificial intelligence, deep learning software and similar techno advances are supplanting humans globally and taking away jobs. What does the future spell for India?

Moving into fourth gear


Experts envisage an exciting era of robots, AI, drones, virtual reality and Internet of Things. But are we really prepared for Industrialisation 4.0, as the current transition is being called?

An uphill task


Punjab has revamped its Sewa Kendras, which allow the common man to access government services at one place via the digital platform. But more needs to be done

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On a personal note

In conversation with author Chetan Bhagat