A happy tale of a tail

More than anything else, the World Happiness Report serves as a spur for democracies in the middle ranks – such as India – to better themselves

Why Gandhi still matters


Rajmohan Gandhi on why the mahatma still matters

"Parliament can’t be run on 19th century rules"

Breaking Bread with Governance Now

Jay Panda on the need to reinvent parliamentary procedures

A department of joy


Madhya Pradesh created the first government department of anand (happiness) in the country and its job is to promote feel-good sentiments in government offices and among people. What exactly does it do?

Matthieu Ricard on the habits of happiness


“Governments can provide proper conditions that facilitate individual well-being,

Bhutan and the pursuit of happiness


The land of the Thunder Dragon has worked hard over the years to be happy, a feeling for which one will be willing to give one’s eyeteeth

Prof Peter Ronald on what happiness is


“The idea of having a department of happiness is completely bogus”

Stripped of sand


Sand mining is rampant on the outskirts of Mumbai, and the government needs to wake up before the ecosystem is irreversibly damaged

How a comedian couple is helping rebuild Nepal


A popular comedian couple have pooled money and enthusiasm to build over 800 houses for people affected by the 2015 temblor

Meals on wheels

Photo Essay

Amidst rising complaints of poor food quality, Indian Railways has once again handed over catering services to the IRCTC. Can the corporation save the face this time?

India’s halls of shame

Letter from Europe

At a UN forum, the country’s human rights record come up for scrutiny by the rest of the world. Finally, the review was not as searing as it could have been

The making of an education behemoth


IGNOU is the world’s largest university, with a staggering 30 lakh students on its rolls. Will going digital help it grow even bigger?

Online learning is the way forward


Does a plethora of online courses signal an end to face-to-face classroom education?

Parody of the health mission


Even a decade after the launch of the national rural health mission, Uttar Pradesh is facing severe shortage of health workers and sub-centres

Interview with Vijay Goel, minister of youth affairs and sports


“Not just cricket, Vijay Goel, minister of youth affairs and sports”

Why Artificial Intelligence is scaring everyone


Only humans were sentient till now. There is a new emergent being that’s displaying all signs of sentience and humankind is not too pleased

RS Sharma on why Aadhaar is completely safe


Amidst concerns regarding Aadhaar data leak, a look at how the unique identification system actually adheres to the principles of privacy

The walled city by moonlight

Book Review

Swapna Liddle’s book on the grandeur of Shahjahanabad – Old Delhi for the uninitiated – is a billet doux and a splendiferous slide-show

"We need music in our education system"

On a personal note

Oscar nominee Bombay Jayashri on music and more