A tale of two holy cities

Kyoto and Kashi, two great cities, are sacred to two great eastern cultures. But the difference in how they are managed is stark

AAP: Go back to the masses


AAP’s latest troubles – like its earlier success – underline the fact that people want principled politics

Red light at the end of the tunnel


A comprehensive strategy to counter Maoists, including a development offensive, is missing

The young dalit, angry and Azad


The Saharanpur riot, in which 25 dalit homes were set afire, has thrown up a new leader –Chandrashekhar Azad of the Bhim Army

Between chaos and Kashi

City Governance

Thousands of kilometres away, in Kyoto, nothing is like Kashi. Back in Kashi, nothing is like Kyoto

Bridging lives

Photo Story

As many as 750 local people have been roped in for the construction of the world’s tallest railway bridge over the Chenab in Kashmir valley

Tedros becomes the first African to head WHO

Letter from Europe

Winning the election may have been the easier task compared to what awaits the new DG

RTE: No sweeping change yet


Lack of intention and political will is making the RTE a failure

“Only education can overcome poverty”


The recently released movie Poorna is based on the true life story of Malavath Poorna, a tribal girl who became the youngest girl to climb Mt Everest. We speak with IPS officer Praveen Kumar who inspired Poorna

Medium is the message


A new film captures the plight of parents struggling to send their children to elite schools – and lays bare what is wrong with the education system

Dengue could be history soon


India has joined a global experiment which deploys bacteria that can stop transmission of the virus

Let’s talk about healthcare


A programme brings communities together to talk about public health services in their regions via public dialogue with government officials

Beyond either-or, a new mode of governance


From organising children’s parliaments to running corporates, sociocracy shows the way

Les miserables


Transgenders are misunderstood, mistreated and considered misfits. Will that ever change?

Why humans should lose and AI should win


The sentience of Artificial Intelligence may just be the right prescription for saving the earth from our genetic instinct for conquering and controlling everything for our benefit

“Kerala’s leftists are pseudo-leftists”

On a personal note

Speaking with author Anand Neelakantan, who wrote the prequel to Baahubali