The president who knew his way

Pranab Mukherjee quietly made a difference, speaking up for tolerance at a critical point and yet avoiding any confrontation with the Modi government

Not above caste, but about it

President 2017

Why caste persists so much in India that it rides right into Rashtrapati Bhavan

The long road from Paraukh village

President 2017

Ram Nath Kovind, the BJP’s presidential candidate, has his roots in a village near Kanpur. Governance Now visits his humble beginnings

A prez all for people

President 2017

As he bids adieu to Rashtrapati Bhavan, Pranab Mukherjee leaves a legacy of reaching out to people and drawing lakhs of them to the presidential palace

India stares down the dragon

Defence Diplomacy

Slowly yet steadily, New Delhi is strengthening its strategic influence in the Asia-Pacific region

Why Gorkhaland is an idea whose time has come


The failure of the GTA has proved again that the West Bengal govt is indifferent to the hill people. Besides, Gorkhaland won’t be financially unviable

Promising a new dawn

Eradicating Child Labour

India has ratified two ILO conventions on child labour. Even so, the question of poverty versus child rights still remains

Trapped in the shadows

Women and Society

The number of women addicted to drugs is on the rise. And yet, all across India, there are only three de-addiction centres for women

Bitten to the bone, by water

Photo Story

Pachgai Khera village is just 20 km from Agra, where tourists sip bottled water as they gaze at the Taj. But the fluoride-laden groundwater that the villagers are forced to drink leaves them crippled and bent.

“No real solution for Syria in 10 years”

Letter from Europe

Speaking with Husam Alkatlaby, executive director of the Violations Documentation Center, a Syrian organisation that ensures full documentation of all violations of human rights in Syria

“CVC has no teeth, but it has dentures”

Commissions and Omissions

A man who once headed the anti-corruption watchdog looks back on the achievements of the institution and shares some lessons

The missing links

Economic Notes

The economic survey has little connect with the budget – or the economy. The budget in turn has little connect with the masses. Here’s how to make the process more meaningful

Restating the Indian urban problem anew

Rethinking Cities

In approaching India’s ongoing massive urbanisation with a new thought architecture, our country can lead the world in creating urban spaces that are sustainable, resilient, ecologically friendly and carbon neutral. First of a 12-part series

Security in peril

Cyber Security

A look at India’s preparedness to tackle cyber threats from state and non-state actors

Health sector, heal thyself

Book review

A policymaker presents a thorough diagnosis of what ails the sector, and prescribes remedies

In conversation with chef Sanjeev Kapoor

On a personal note

“There has been a humungous change in the way people abroad perceive Indian cuisine”