Yogi’s startUP mission

A look at the Uttar Pradesh chief minister’s long spell in politics, his hardline approach, and how he has fared in his post so far

How to put the Maharaja out of his misery


The national carrier is ready for privatisation. Will it lead to a fundamental change in its corporate culture?

Making words count


Measuring the quality of legislative debates

The power of 10

Diplomatic Overdrive

India all set to ramp up its engagement with ASEAN countries

Business goes north

State Report

As Tamil Nadu battles political uncertainty just when the neighbouring states are aggressively wooing investors, industry shifts base

Where angels may fear to tread

Photo Story

Nainital is no longer far from the madding crowds. The tourist rush is hurting not only the serenity of the town but also its ecological health

“Reactionary politics does not last long”


Interview with Prakash Ambedkar, leader, Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangh and grandson of BR Ambedkar

What India needs to do to become a superpower

Economy Notes

The formula is no secret: focus on four parameters – effective governance, rule of law, accountability and finally, economic growth

Towards a world free from nukes

Letter from Europe

The UN adopts first-ever treaty to ban nuclear weapons. Disarmament advocates see hope although N-armed nations are unhappy

Timely delivery

Bureaucracy Notes

A veteran bureaucrat explains how to complete government projects without time and cost overruns

Quantum urbanism

Rethinking Cities

Hand to heart, we all secretly know that our cities don’t make sense to us anymore. It’s become so complex that we feel as if we are subatomic particles with the seeming possibility to be anything, anywhere, anytime. The question then is: why are we still using 19th century mental models to make sense of our lives?

Aadhaar controversies miss the point


TRAI chief RS Sharma, who was the director general of UIDAI at its inception, sits down with Governance Now journalists to talk about how the ambitious project was conceived. He also dispels the misconceptions surrounding it

Online payments, now a phone call away


That’s what India Post Payments Bank promises. It can be a game-changer in providing banking services to rural masses. Its rollout, however, is delayed

In conversation with dancer Malavika Sarukkai

On a personal note

“In India, there is no clear distinction between the professionals and the amateurs in classical dance. It is therefore a completely disorganised sector”