The Tobacco War

The tobacco industry has taken off its gloves and is going after anti-tobacco lobbyists

Across the threshold


A social media campaign aims to bridge gaps between communities by urging people to visit ‘people unlike us’

“The reforms process has been very slow”


Yashwant Sinha speaks on his new book, economic reforms and political opportunism

Deadly smoke signals


As India struggles to check tobacco use and the losses it inflicts, tobacco firms up the ante

The lady fights baccy


Sumitra Hooda Pednekar lost her husband to tobacco addiction. She has taken to court a vital question: should a state-run life insurance firm like LIC invest in tobacco firms?

“How can an insurance firm promote death?”


Interview with Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi, head and neck cancer surgeon at the Tata Memorial hospital in Mumbai, is a leading anti-tobacco activist

Light at the end of the tunnel


No doubt, the tobacco industry has proved the greatest stumbling block in promoting healthy lifestyles. But tobacco use is nevertheless falling

The long road to separation

Law and Society

As if the pain of divorce were not enough, the legal system adds to it: with tardy procedures, shortage of family courts and hefty lawyer fees

An ocean of devotion

Photo Story

The grey mountains reverberated with Buddhist chants as the Dalai Lama descended in Diskit in Nubra Valley, at an altitude of 3,144 m, during his month-long annual visit to Ladakh in July

The wolf and the lamb


Social injustice and the fate of the university

Quantum urbanism: Let it roll counterintuitively

Rethinking Cities

Nothing is what it seems to be and it’s fine. That’s the way the world has always been and it’s time that we take off our blinkers and allow the complexity and chaos to seep into our thought processes

Making the cloud industry-friendly

Cloud Computing

The telecom regulator may soon propose a simple regulatory framework for cloud computing

India’s ‘corruptibles’ & their spectacular scams

Book review

A book that explores the salience of corruption in the Indian body politic

In conversation with vocalist Pandit Jasraj

On a personal note

“Indian classical music is based on the shastras”