A remembrance of things past

As India celebrates 70 years of freedom, Governance Now looks back and picks 70 words – or phrases, buzzwords, slogans, events – that best define this ancient nation and young democracy

For her place in the republic


Two women go to court. And it raises a storm over Kashmir’s special status

Stepping up the stepwells


Delhi’s heritage water bodies are nothing but stagnant pools of filth. Can their revival help resolve the water crisis?

“Parents need to be taught that each child is special”


Interview with Prakash Javadekar, minister for human resource development

Governance in India: 70 years and counting

Seventy years of independence

Tracing the ups and downs of the country’s economy

A costly necklace of ports?


The Rs 8 trillion Sagarmala project comes with huge promise. But are we prepared for the social and economic costs?

Doklam stand-off won’t lead to “full-blown war”


Interview with Dr Srikanth Kondapalli, professor, centre for east asian studies, JNU

Quantum urbanism: Don’t reinvent the wheel

Rethinking Cities

To truly understand the potential of quantum urbanism for solving real world problems, it’s necessary to get the intellectual architecture right and the first principles of the quantum world clearly charted out

Tweaking MSP: Is PDP the right formula?


For the nation’s food security, it makes sense to provide economic security to the farmer. Is price deficiency payment the solution?

People of the woods

From The Ground

Tribals come together to curb ecological degradation around Kanha National Park, hoping also to tackle their economic vulnerability

CEL’s phoenix story


Interview with Dr Nalin Shinghal, chairman & managing director, Central Electronics Ltd

“India needs a data empowerment law”

Data Power

Excerpts from former UIDAI chief Nandan Nilekani’s address on ‘Data as the oil of the 21st century: India’s response’ at the Delhi Economics Forum on July 22

In conversation with sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik

On a personal note

“Importance of this unique and temporary art form lies in its powerful messages”