Arms and the Woman

Nirmala Sitharaman’s elevation to the post of defence minister speaks loud as guns of the trust the party and the PM have in her. Also of a sterling track record as party spokesperson and commerce minister

What Gauri Lankesh’s murder reminds us of

Opening comment

Why Gauri Lankesh’s murder reminds us of this passage from Fyodor Dostoevsky’s classic ‘Crime and Punishment’

Why judicial reforms matter


The judiciary, an institution critical to sustain India’s development saga, is badly in need of repair. Here is why

A peep into energy ties

India-Africa relations

Delhi is increasingly looking towards the continent to meet its growing hydrocarbon demand

Whispers of an Indian wind

Maritime Diplomacy

Project Mausam hopes to checkmate China, which is pushing for its Silk Route initiative

Muddy makeover


The ivory white monument of love is turning pale yellow, and mudpacks are being applied to improve it. But is that enough when the cause of the yellowing is rampant pollution?

Mayday Station

Photo Story

Birds with broken wings and muscle damage, injured by the manja (glass-coated kite strings), get admitted to the charitable bird hospital called Abhay Daanam in Sunpura, Greater Noida

In the right direction?

Urban Planning

Chennai plans to expand its metropolitan area about seven times. Compacting development, ensuring sustainability and low-density sprawl are key concerns

Women who fought it out

Women’s Rights

Stories of four of the bravehearts who took instant triple talaq to court and had it banned

Jewar airport: Turbulence on the ground

Land Acquisition

The SP government’s handsome deal to farmers who gave up land for the Agra-Lucknow expressway had raised hopes. But farmers giving up land for the Jewar airport don’t expect the BJP government to be as liberal

No right to plan their families

Reproductive Rights

A 38-year-old government order denies Baigas the choice of undergoing sterilisation

Housing for all: A realisable dream

Urban Planning

A roof over every head is a worthy aim, not only for welfare but also for the economy

Food as urban sovereignty

Rethinking Cities

Classical urbanism transforms food as an instrument of control by making us distant from its origins and source. True urban sovereignty requires us to reconfigure our relationship to food in a fundamental manner

Securing official communication

Digital Security

Will the new email network of the government ensure foolproof security?

In conversation with filmmaker G Bramma

On a personal note

“The censor board, which polices artistic expression, strongly wants every film to sound politically correct”