A tangled wireless tale

Just three players dominate the wireless market today. We look at how this came about, and what it means for the government, the banks, and consumers

Democracy inside

Opening Comment

Modi’s dig at lack of internal democracy within Congress has sound reasoning

“Non-violence is the right approach”


Lobsang Sangay, regent, Tibetan govt in exile

“Drop in revenue is a temporary phase”


RS Sharma, chairman, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) explains how the revenues will pick up soon

A slick move


India is slowly yet steadily strengthening its energy security architecture and expanding its oil and gas sources across the world

Clinical trial and error


India is mending rules and regulations for drug trials but loopholes remain concerning patient safety and transparency

No one did it


Lack of accountability in bureaucracy leads to results callous – and hilarious. Here is what needs to be done

A watchdog that rarely barks or bites


Tamil Nadu’s anti-corruption agency, the DVAC, seems to be on a go-slow mode, with ineffective action being taken to tackle the malaise

“Ganga needs water to remain clean”


Ganga Mission chief UP Singh explains why the holy river cannot be cleansed in one stroke or by a single scheme

Press notes from the gods above


The Gita Press of Gorakhpur brought piety to the Hindu masses. Governance Now visits the press in the times of muscular Hindutva

Rethinking shelter


The stillborn promise of housing as a safe roof over everyone’s head is the result of a severe lack of imagination that can directly be traced back to systems thinking

Health vs Education


Both are equivalent rights, but have imbalanced implementation

The Neem revolution


GNFC’s neem project is transforming Bharuch district of Gujarat

Tracking frauds and NPAs


How Thomson Reuters can help in cracking down on black money

In conversation with actor M Nassar

On a personal note

"Artists should be well-informed citizens"