Unemployed exchanges

4.83 crore job-seekers registered. Only 3.39 lakh placed. That’s an efficiency rate of 0.7 percent. Is it time to retire our employment exchanges?

Pollution numbers: Index of criminality

Opening Comment

What happened to those tall claims? The answer is blowing in the poisonous air

To my Commander


Remembering Gautam Adhikari

An old-world courtesy


The meeting busts the popular myth of Modi`s intolerance towards political rivals

Battling mafias: An uphill task for Modi


As the state is going to polls, each side has been promising to rid Himachal of the miasma of corruption and criminality created by the other

Gujarat in the times of another Vikas


PM is nervous and on back-foot. Here is why

Fixing government placement agency


Reinventing them as apprenticeship and career centres is the lowest-hanging policy-intervention fruit to fix our unemployment and unemployability crisis

"Policies have choked them”


Interview with Pronab Sen, country director, International Growth Centre’s central team for India

Finance beyond geography


Gujarat GIFT City has made a good beginning. Yet, some changes are needed to create a successful international financial service centre in India

Much too much for the lungs

Photo Essay

Delhi’s infamous air was at its worst in early November, with PM levels reaching ten times the permissible limits

Smoke across the border


There’s a strong case for Indo-Pak cooperation to end air pollution. After all, it’s a matter of millions of citizens’ lives

Terrorising the terrorists


One of the aims of demonetisation was to cut off terror funding. A year later, it seems to be only a short-term tactic

The beginning of real loss


There is need for timely intervention to prevent malnutrition in tribal children

Skeleton in the backyard


The fossil of the ichthyosaurus, the first found in India, tells the story of a time when sea flowed over modern-day Kutch in Gujarat

Moving people, not cars


Reimagining the cities: Mobility is about keeping people as the only centre

Six ideas for a Swachh Bharat


Charity not necessarily begins at home

Broken away from stereotypes

On a personal note

In conversation with Tannishtha Chatterjee