The fairy-tale thriller

In Modiland, the vote seems unpredictable only till the count

Ascent and dissent

Opening Comment

Dynastic politics is not a big problem; lack of internal democracy is

Five years after Nirbhaya


Social activist Dr Ranjana Kumari talks about what is wrong in our society and what we can do to make women feel secure

A short history of Gujarat elections


All you need to know about Gujarat politics

The slow road


The India-Myanmar-Thailand highway project is the key to the ‘Act East’ strategy, but it seems to be going nowhere

Recharged by ayurveda


Many sportspersons benefit as Kerala promotes ‘sports ayurveda’ in its hospitals

Building on air power


How one building gets pure air right in the middle of Delhi

City woes in the forest


The old, varied and rich diet of the Baiga tribe is being gradually forgotten – with drastic results

Why this fight is not just about defence forces


They are symbols of decades of research and hard work accumulating, integrating and establishing technologies that have the potential to transform India’s model of growth and development

Price of privatisation


India’s only state-run dredging company is going to be privatised, leaving employees worried. One employee has even taken his life

In conversation with actor Akash Khurana

On a personal note

"Back your passion with competence and vice versa"