It’s criminal!

Politics was always seen as a dirty game. But our inablity to check the criminalisation of politics is a national shame

A tale of two verdicts

Opening Comment

Be it a conviction or even an acquittal, the opposition is habituated to looking for Modi’s hand everywhere

The victor is PM, not BJP


It’s introspection time for the party after victory that smells like defeat

Safety in numbers


Majoritarianism is the trump card, as Congress fails to offer a counter-narrative

The dirty game


Why more and more candidates with criminal background contest elections?

Scams through the ages


Acquittal in 2G case follows a pattern. What to do to break it and ensure conviction?

With China there is a visible engagement


Maldivian ambassador to India,defends his country’s leaning towards China

The home and the world


Growing tensions between globalisation and nationalism

For a cleaner and greener tomorrow


Two housing societies in Mumbai are becoming role models with their waste management, rain harvesting and solar energy solutions

Another attempt


New railway minister revives an ambitious non-starter: the station redevelopment project

Why DBT is needed for TB elimination


Interview with Dr Sunil Khaparde, deputy director general, Tuberculosis Programme

Straining under a new strain


This year, there have been more than 19,000 cases of dengue in Tamil Nadu. And doctors and scientists are on tenterhooks over the emergence of a new genotype of the dengue virus

Amaravati: Some lessons from Singapore


Interview with Sreedhar Cherukuri, chairman, AP capital region development authority

Passing the buck on NREGA


NREGA wage delays have so far been compensated by states but the delays caused by centre have never been compensated

Rolling on electricity


Electric vehicles can help boost the sagging power sector – and reduce pollution too

Another step towards privacy law


A comparison between the 2012 experts’ report and the 2017 white paper on data protectio

Imagine Whatsapp in Tamil, Marathi or Telugu!


It could very well become a reality if Indic language typing is introduced in school curriculum

No one worries about the Ganga

Book Review

A telling survey of the holiest river of Hinduism and how dirty it has become

In conversation with Sibi Sathyaraj

On a personal note

"Dream big, stay positive, work hard and embrace what comes"