Defending Tejas fiercely and applauding Rudra & Nag

It’s still early days, but it seems Modi and Sitharaman are slowly showing their true colours and betting big on our engineers and scientists and home-grown defence products

Reform, so that you preserve!

Opening Comment

People-centric changes are needed to make the country’s highest court more accessible

Lalu and ‘secularism`


The political narrative of the 1990s that saw the emergence of Lalu and his ilk has become irrelevant

Uncivil servants


Institutional reforms are must if we want to stop the rot in civil services

Pakistan’s travails


As Trump comes down hard on its duplicity, a flashback to the time when it all began

Arm in arm


India is now proactively engaging with ASEAN countries, hoping to deepen friendship and make its northeastern region an economic hub

Unto the first few


Economic inequality is rising. Reasons are not difficult to find – and so are possible solutions

Nutrition is about health


The crisis will persist as long as policymakers continue to view nutrition and food security in terms of subsistence and survival, of filling the stomach, and not in terms of good health or wellness

The milky way


Proposal to provide milk through PDS and anganwadis and improve nutrition profile is noble but unrealistic

What lies beneath


Work on India’s first undersea rail tunnel – part of the bullet train project – has begun with a testing

Confused signals


Why the broadcast sector is unable to help the government’s admirable missions to ease business and promote sports

Matheran on the losing track


Its toy train, among the oldest in India, isn’t running the full route. It symbolises the deterioration of a wonderful hill station

Virtual ID: much more to be done


Subodh Sharma talks about the effectiveness of virtual IDs

In conversation with Chhannulal Mishra

On a personal note

Music is in my blood, bones and soul, he says