Raid Raj Redux

Raids on business houses are reminiscent of VP Singh’s ill-advised clean-up bids. Is there a method behind the madness in the Modi era?

Yogi and the spell of Maya

Opening Comment

UP CM has to junk predecessors’ model and learn from Gujarat

Remembering TSR Subramanian


In one of his last articles, the late bureaucrat’s memorable advice to civil service aspirants

The aam aadmi’s maverick


The original disrupter, Raj Narain was nevertheless an advancer of people’s causes, a true Lok Bandhu

Decline and fall


A walk down the history of modern banking scandals can be summarised in two words: greed and speculation

The great AAP standoff


The already fraught ties between AAP and the bureaucracy deteriorate further after the alleged assault on Delhi chief secretary

What ails the latest Economic Survey?


Perhaps the authors realise that the FM has his own compulsions and suggesting unpalatable solutions would only give ammunition to critics

Energetic diplomacy


India is holding two global energy summits, devoted to solar energy and hydrocarbons

Disorganised sector


Why organ transplants are so expensive and so difficult to get

The yin benchmark


Why do we have so few women judges? How can we have more?

A first step towards dignity


In a first, a transgender gets job at the Delhi high court

Sunset clause


India’s fast-growing old-age population is the second largest in the world. While senior citizens merit serious attention from policy makers, the budget has done its bit for them

Government finalises bill on data privacy


Governance Now analyses the proposed law on information security in healthcare

Ajanta relit


One man’s crusade to digitally restore ancient Buddhist cave paintings

With equal measures of hope and despair

Book Review

Veteran advocate Rajeev Dhavan looks at the wonder that is India’s constitution