Double Trouble

There’s much to be said for the grand vision – doubling farmers’ income. But ground reality makes it a promise that is unlikely to materialise soon

The law, dignity and death


The supreme court has shown the way forward in the matter of living wills. Now, a comprehensive law on passive euthanasia must follow

“The farm crisis was building up from 2013”


Himanshu, who teaches at Jawaharlal Nehru University, talks about the current distress in the farming sector and areas which need immediate attention

Doubling farmers income


Agricultural economist Ashok Gulati on the challenges and possibilities

Oasis of beauty

Photo Essay

Sunder Nursery houses 15 monuments (out of which six date back to the 16th century), over 300 varieties of trees, marble fountains, sandstone pathways, water bodies, an amphitheatre and a bonsai enclosure.

Act or Perish


As water crisis looms large across nations, creating water-secure societies is the need of the hour

Off to Russia


Sea, land and rail transport project to link Mumbai with St Petersburg in Russia through Iran

Land of poppies is witnessing change


After decades, things are changing and are moving at a pace that hints that a mission has been undertaken to compensate for years of neglect

Being responsible, the corporate way


In Gujarat, a dedicated authority to facilitate CSR is changing lives in water-scarce tribal regions

Blockchain and tackle


Banking, land records, medical records – the technology that backends cryptocurrency could secure them against fraud or privacy breaches, say blockchain mavens

A prophet on the high seas

Book Review

Maya Jasanoff’s biography of Conrad revisits his terrifying visions of the tragedy power and capital unleash on hapless indigenous people in pristine forests

Interview with folk singer Sharda Sinha

On a personal note

Sharda Sinha talks about the need to revive Bhojpuri and more