The perils of macho statecraft

Opening Comment

The custodial death of a rape victim’s father is far beyond ordinary crime: It is indicative of a deeply criminalised polity

Painting RSS as anti-dalit is prejudiced


Inclusion of SC/STs is bound to be the cornerstone of the Hindu consolidation project

Why Karnataka vote is no pointer in 2019


State elections are usually fought on local issues, often leading to reversals in national polls

Shyam Benegal on greening Mumbai

Cover Package

"Govt must allow open spaces which can serve as lungs for the city"

Trouble on the metro line

Cover Package

Mumbai needs a metro rail system. Opposing voices cry environmental havoc. Can we strike a balance?

Lessons in civility


Gandhi`s written instructions on how to conduct themselves while participating in his novel method of protest

Of promises and achievements


Progress in cleaning up the holy river is slow

Redesigning daily life


It’s time we shift to a comprehensive energy index as the primary value framework

The east African gambit


Strategic considerations must temper India’s reaction to authoritarian tendencies in Tanzania

Privatisation conundrum


Pawan Hans is facing a choppy ride to stake sale. Lack of bidders has put govt on back foot, even as employees oppose the process

"India is a fantastic market"


Interview: Lionel Baraban, co-founder and CEO, Famoco

Harshdeep Kaur on her musical journey

On a personal note

On a personal note with Singer Harshdeep Kaur