Thugs of Hindustan

The nexus between the organs of the state and organised crime

Pranab-da wasted an opportunity

Opening Comment

The former president, with his rich political experience in the past and no politics ahead, could have taken the RSS to task. Instead, he wallowed in platitudes

The neighbour and the valley


Pakistan’s talk of ceasefire notwithstanding, there are several factors that will stand in the way of resolving the Kashmir issue

Water by the pondful


A concerted initiative by the Gujarat government sees the state tide over an acute water shortage – without a crisis

App aid for healthcare


Gujarat’s ImTeCHO app is helping health workers perform better and improve infant and maternal mortality rates

More power to Elephanta


An undersea cable brings electricity to 1,200 villagers on the famed island off Mumbai

The training advantage


A Mumbai-based NGO is imparting vocational courses and empowering schoolchildren

Who is investing from Mauritius?


How did a country with population of 13 lakh and an annual GDP of $12 billion (around 0.5 percent of India’s GDP) become the largest source of FDI to India, much ahead of bigger economies like the USA, the UK and Japan?

The Steel Frame in peril


The government wants to have a say in deciding IAS officers’ cadres. It is a proposal fraught with dangers

Bugged from the beginning


How a back-and-forth between the MHA and Wipro delayed a crime and criminal tracking system

On Blockchain and more


“Blockchain allows individuals to monitor use of personal data”