The man in the muddle

A popular governor faces a tough task

The Galahads of Indian bureaucracy

Opening Comment

Skulduggery is on the rise in the administration

Opposition is less than the sum of its parts


Rahul and Co should focus less on arithmetic, more on the democratic discourse

The ivory tower and the winds outside


Lateral entry – controversy vs. facts

Red Corridor is shrinking


The NDA government has effectively curbed Maoist violence

Home run


For the ‘Housing for All’ initiative to succeed, the govt needs to bring in PPP reforms

Parking problems


There is a hubbub over rehabilitating encroachers from Sanjay Gandhi National Park in the nearby Aarey Colony. But the bigger debate should be over the myths about human-animal conflict

Going primary with healthcare


It’s time to reimagine primary healthcare as a robust complement to Ayushman Bharat and other big-ticket initiatives

People’s rivers


Going beyond borders and involving people living in a river basin area as a whole, the recently adopted Hyderabad declaration creates a new paradigm for dispute resolution

How is Mumbai coping with the plastic ban


Citizens and vendors welcome the move, but want more cost-effective alternatives

Contextualising the agrarian


The nature of India’s industrialisation needs to be synchronised with its agricultural profile

Woman power plus


Encouraging women’s participation in the workforce could mean huge economic benefits for India and the world

“Diversity is our tool to handle oil price volatility”


Narendra K Verma, managing director, ONGC Videsh Ltd, talks about the company’s growth trajectory and the hiccups faced in between