A badh tapasya for reason

Burari and India’s non-pursuit of the scientific temper

Just changing the uniform won’t do


Effective police reforms will involve a rehaul from the constabulary upwards. A fixed term for top posts is a cure worse than the disease

Stop shooting the messenger


Instead of rejecting the Thomson Reuters Foundation report on women’s safety, the government should take necessary steps to improve their sense of security

New medium is the new message


And Old Media is yet to get it. Modi, helped by new tech, has made traditional news outlets redundant

The rhythms of a protest


How music is playing a key role in catalysing protest movements

Violations in paddy land conversion


Costs of short-circuiting audit and policy connect

Colour wheel

Photo Essay

Delhi’s Sanjay Camp gets a colourful makeover

When two plus two need not be four


The opposition’s alliance in UP for 2019 looks like an easy math problem, but there are too many variables involved

An elastic plastic ban


As Maharashtra keeps making exemptions, people wonder if the ban will at all be effective

Maid in Kuwait


Trials and travails of Indian domestic workers in Kuwait

Mapping the road ahead


25 years of Panchayati Raj

Reforming governance


District-level focus without reforming governance in states and centre will remain ineffective in addressing poverty

Smart Cities: Looking Back

Book Review

Smart Cities Unbundled: Ideas and Practice of Smart Cities in India