It’s time for the Bullshit Season

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They reside in our minds, unchanged over the ages

Time to power the reform


UDAY has served its purpose. Now pass the Electricity Amendment Bill, 2014, and expose the state electricity distribution sector to competition

The go-to place for kidney transplants


The Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre in Ahmedabad shows the way to taking high-quality healthcare to the poor

A bit of Maharashtra in Karnataka


Yellur, near the interstate border, has Marathi speakers in majority. They are grappling to come to terms with Kannada as the language of governance

The death of 22-B


What happens to a man who dies unknown on the streets of Delhi

Knowledge and freedom


Graded autonomy is the way forward for higher educational institutions

The river and the valley


Tapping hydropower investment opportunity in the upper Indus basin in Jammu and Kashmir

Between the devil and the sea


India’s coastal zones are facing the brunt of development, hurting not only the environment but livelihoods too. A fresh policy perspective is needed to protect them

Start-ups and IP


The ‘secret’ formula for success

Why data is the new oil


How a low-cost evidence-based experiment in data gathering helped a Maharashtra district in tackling malnutrition

In conversation with Vishal Dadlani

On a personal note

"I’m a victim of misgovernance, every day. All of us are."