Vajpayee, the leader and his legacy

The untold saga of how Vajpayee brought about the most profound creative disruption in Indian politics, and how his legacy lives on

RaGa puts a Cheshire cat on Rajiv’s big tree

Opening Comment

For the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, we have blame that is not blame, an apology that is not an apology. Also an apology without blame and blame without an apology

Bharat Vatwani on his efforts for the mentally ill


“On mental health, all of us need to supplement govt’s efforts," Magsaysay Award winning psychiatrist

A vote against democracy?


It is under threat from a wave of authoritarianism in many countries, including its traditional champion – the US

The buck must stop somewhere


It’s easy to blame lapses on ‘system failure’. What is needed is to fix responsibility and hold supervisory officers responsible

In pictures: The final journey

Photo Essay

Bidding farewell to former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee

A bill of contention


The new anti-trafficking bill passed recently by Lok Sabha throws up a range of questions

The police whistle and the song of caged birds


Sex and human trafficking is systemically bound to corruption in the police. But keeping the police out completely is not the solution

Agriculture should be sustainable


There is no single bullet when it comes to the challenge of doubling farmers’ income and feeding our billion-plus population

Banking on service


The offices may be musty, but PSU banks are acquiring a good reputation

Empowering citizens is better than entitlements


Democratic governments should prefer empowerment as the greatest form of virtue and must direct all energy in developing the capabilities of citizens

The question of environmental governance


Striking a balance between ecology and development

In conversation with actor Govind Namdev

On a personal note

"Theatre should be taught as a curricular subject in schools"