Making sense of the freakonomy

The rise and/or fall of GDP growth, rupee and oil prices, the GST effect – an economist explains the fundamental issues involved in the heated debates over these metrics

Modi raises battle cry with a power-packed slogan

Opening Comment

‘Ajeya Bharat, Atal BJP’ is the party’s road map for 2019 general elections

Decoding Rahul’s falsehoods against Modi


While he can’t stop himself from coming up with his own version of Goebbels’s truth every day, he still lacks the recognition of a credible agent of change

Constitution, civil society and armed forces


The supreme court is adjudicating civil society-military relations, and this reflects a failure of both the civil and the military leadership

India’s balancing act with China


In spite of pressure from Japan and the US, India has refused to join an infra project to balance its relations with China

The imprint of the Gurjara Pratiharas


Discovering Bateshwar, beyond Vajpayee’s legacy

Colour me Vibgyor

Photo Essay

How the LGBTQ community celebrated section 377 verdict

Lives and dreams of LGBTQs


After the supreme court’s historic ruling, Governance Now speaks to some LGBTQs about their lives, their dreams

Dams or time bombs?


Kerala tragedy could have been prevented, with a little planning and foresight

An eye on AI


How policymakers should look at it? Restrictions without understanding its potential or safeguards to avert crisis? Getting the balance right is the trick

Data-powered economy


Smart data analytics and its role in the Indian public sector