Gandhi in his own words

As the nation and the world prepare to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, we bring together a selection from his writings that remain as relevant as ever

Making sense of RSS: Consistent yet flexible


Why Mohan Bhagwat’s remarks are in tune with the organisation’s history

St Gandhi in Orwell’s maze of reflections


Sincere, blunt and fair as it is, the classic essay is deficient for not trying to see the Mahatma as Indians do

Many lives of Mahatma Gandhi


As yet another biography of the Father of the Nation is published, here is a guide to the expanding sub-genre

Not soluble

Photo Story

What happens after Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations

“Changing things is not rocket science"


Aam Aadmi Party`s (AAP`s) candidate for the East Delhi constituency Atishi on why voters should choose her as their MP

Why we need a Uniform Civil Code


It is time for a code that comprehensively alters the law to protect women and children irrespective of religion

Flooded out of the floodplains


Hundreds of families that cultivate veggies and grain on the Yamuna floodplains in Delhi are caught in a limbo

Bring in the boldface!


Why multilateral banks, which are full of benign intentions, must demand more from countries they help

Mobiles are replacing big screen: Pankaj Parashar

On a personal note

His films Chalbaaz and Jalwa were box-office hits. The TV serial Karamchand, with Pankaj Kapur as the detective of the title and Sushmita Mukherjee as his assistant, is considered a cult classic.