#MeToo is here to stay

Finally, Indian women start speaking up against sexual harassment at the workplace. They demand: dignity and justice

“He was my best friend’s husband


Vinta Nanda, filmmaker, and writer of film and TV scripts recounts her gut-wrenching #MeToo story



Men explain things to me: Answering the nay-sayers to #MeToo

“Life will be easy, if I become his girlfriend


TV actress Leena Acharya narrates her #MeToo ordeal

“Suffered harassment from men and women”


A former reality show contestant, grooming expert and fashion and interior design teacher who happens to be gay recounts his trauma

Migrants at a crossroads

Opening Comment

The exodus of Hindi-speaking labourers from Gujarat is symptomatic of the social perils of identity politics

The mahatma and the murderous state


A policeman in Lucknow gives us yet another reminder of how the rulers have failed Gandhi’s vision of non-violence

A space for faith


As the faithful protest the SC ruling on Sabarimala, political parties play their games

Safety nets

Photo Story

Rajasthan will go to polls soon. Camps are being organised in far-flung villages and hamlets to reach out to people. Capturing the experiences and excitement of these villagers

What is rightfully yours


The mess of title verification of lands can be simplified with political will. And there have been welcome initiatives of late

A Triumfant meet


The deal to buy S-400 missiles, part of burgeoning Indo-Russian ties, will serve vital national interest. The US is not happy, but a waiver might be round the corner

Why Karnataka villages don’t get enough drinking water


CAG once again points out loopholes in planning and implementation

The post office as a bank branch


India Post Payments Bank, with its accessible and affordable banking services, is one of the most effective means to strengthen financial inclusion

How railways plans to go green


If India plans to switch to renewable energy, the railways will have to be on board as it contributes nearly 2 percent in national power consumption