The rusting of the steel frame

And the story of two exceptions: An honest officer is deemed guilty, and a top officer says no to post-retirement sinecures

Yogi and the law of karma

Opening Comment

In Bulandshahr, he reaps exactly what he has sowed

Back to ‘lamppost politics’


Chouhan faced fatigue factor, relied too much on party machinery

Raman Singh routed by Peter Principle


His incompetence was visible once Congress ousted Jogi

A limp loss, a paltry victory


The Rajastan result is perplexing: after all, the Congress won only 1.77 lakh votes more than the BJP, which was shown the way out by voters

A Harish Chandra parable gone wrong


The system has failed to value honesty. Also, the judiciary should discern the distinction between administrative mistakes and outright corruption

Governance of the self


A top bureaucrat retiring away without sinecures is indeed noteworthy these days. If he is Hasmukh Adhia, it is outright unbelievable. Here’s why

Improving public services


With a bit of innovation and creativity, they can be made user-friendly

A harvest of woes

Photo Story

Governance Now captures some scenes of the farmer protest in Delhi

Explore in India


Mining sector: Challenges, issues and policy suggestions

India on a right track with Train 18


Interview with Sudhanshu Mani, general manager, Integral Coach Factory

Out of bonds


It’s a shame that the oppressive practice of bonded labour persists in the 21st century

"An artist has to feel and behave responsibly"


On a personal note with actor Shivaji Satam