The heat is rising

The grave crisis of climate change is not an election issue. It should be

“Socialism is the most relevant ideology and will never wither away”


Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar reveals his mind in a free-wheeling interview with Governance Now

Missing the middle


How AAP has lost the narrative with the middle class, on whose support it won a massive victory in 2015

Voting for Mumbai meri jaan

Photo story

A cross-section of Mumbaikars speak up about what they expect from their MPs and the government that will be formed after the elections are over

“I have a bigger reason and motivation to join politics”


In conversation with Governance Now, Urmila Matondkar talks about the change she wants to bring about in Mumbai and how her fate is not going to be like other actor-turned-politicians who fade away with time.

The spark in the classroom


How Ramji Raghavan built a school of creativity, quitting the ratrace and chasing a childhood dream

“Managing data is challenging”


Governance Now spoke with Railway Information Systems` (CRIS) managing director Mukesh Nigam about the progress of its various projects and challenges ahead.

Reading the Gita in solitary confinement


Business icon Rajat Gupta on how the wisdom of the scriptures helped him during his incarceration

A boost to those who need it most


The government has aimed at supporting the ‘new middle class’ and farmers. This will help the economy cross the $5 trillion mark too

On a personal note: Javed Jaffrey


Javed Jaffrey speaks to Governance Now about his journey as an actor, constantly changing his styles and his live, film, TV and radio appearances