Horror: Are `masala` films making a comeback?

“ Sari ke fall sa, kabhi match kiya re. Kabhi chhod diya dil, kabhi catch kiya re...“  Can anybody make sense of these lyrics? These are just two lines from a song in the soon-to-be released movie “R….

Why I would have debuted with my vote this time

I don’t have a vote in Delhi (I stay in the Wild West– the badlands of western UP). Heck, I have never ever voted in my life, if you cut out the college and Delhi University students’ union elections. There, too, I skipped it the

Pappu Yadav books a query: Is pen mightier than the gun?

A bahubali (musclemen) once upon a time turned politician now, former member of parliament Pappu Yadav (officially Rajesh Ranjan) has now shown the hand that held the trigger once can wield a pen as well. The four-time MP this week launched his au

Tehelka: why apology won`t do

Following the unfortunate gangrape incident of December 16, the whole country was in one voice that crime against women should be tackled with strictness and laws against such crimes should be made more stringent and enforced with fear or favour.

This whole Sachin fracas is ridiculous

Get over it. Sachin Tendulkar never asked for it, okay. You want to give him the Bharat Ratna knock yourself out. But don`t drag the guy through the mud. Stop comparing him to Bhagat Singh and Rabindranath Tagore, Homi Bhaba and a thousand other d

The Indo-Pak feel good Google gag

The Google ad on India and Pakistan displaying heaps of love is so good it makes it too clever. It takes what is now an an irrelevance and wrings false tears out of it. So do all the soaps on Indian TV. Of course, we love schmaltz and emotion and

Netaji Mulayam`s 30/30 India (U) Vision

Blame it on Nehru. If it had not been for him, India (Undivided) would comprise Pakistan, Azad Kashmir and Bangladesh, though regrettably still not Sri Lanka (Galle and Kandulama are so beautiful!). Now why couldn’t the man have just made Ji

Crack the whip

The last time I touched a firecracker was when I was 11, and that’s almost 20 Diwalis ago. When I was 15 or 16, for a children’s drawing competition my mother’s office was hosting for Diwali, I submitted one of a menacing, whip-w

The China-Pakistan nuclear nexus

The China-Pakistan cooperation on nuclear issues was established from the time Pakistan began its nuclear programme. Although it is difficult to ascertain the exact start date of this cooperation, a testament by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto suggests that c

Who let the Sardar out?

Only in India would a proposal to erect a statue in memory of Sardar Patel, who oversaw the integration of princely states into India as we know it today, create so much controversy. After all, the poor Sardar only added to the land mass of India,

RIP gold. Will Unnao get back to being back of beyond?

In a distant land at a time long, long time ago, an old monk had a dream. There’s gold buried in Unnao, he declared one fine day. Unnao, half of India thought with a sense of detachment, was the new UN building in Harare and stood fo

Democracy`s flabby middle

No, this is not about Modi`s expanding girth. It`s about how archaic are our systems for "group think" on public affairs. It is not only about having to elect an MP, an MLA or a councilor to represent us. “Group think” systems are

JAC a welcome change but there is room for improvement

Change is inevitable, governments change, trends change, one system makes way for another, and it could be for the better or worse. Nevertheless, change is constant and if it is in a positive direction it should be welcomed. Very soon the collegiu

India needs to be fair to everyone knocking at its door for help

The Indian government`s denial of political asylum to Edward Snowden brought into focus the lack of an objective procedure for treatment of asylum seekers. And what is even worse is that no detailed reasoning was offered for this decision.

Yesterday once again: are you ageing, my friend?

You know your age has passed the halfway house and it is all downhill from now on when: * People tell you to take it easy, slow down, you are not getting any younger, lean back a bit – and you hate them for saying it. Everyone

We want a nation united against early marriage

Across the world, every year 60mn young girls become brides before they are old enough to understand marriage and related responsibilities. Of this disturbingly large number, 1/3rd are from India. While we&

Everything depends on everything else in 2014: survey

Survey is flavour of the season, and everyone’s doing it, I am told by news channels and newspapers. Being the copycat I decided to copy-paste the idea and do a survey of my own. The survey sample included everyone from my neighbourhood, bar

Be careful on your journey across that highway

A road trip on the highways is generally considered a pleasurable experience and a perfect getaway with picturesque surroundings, wide roads, minimal traffic and hence less nuisance but all that fun can be short-lived if one does not remain vigila

Malala for Nobel was a noble idea

This is funny; like a group of boys playing together. First make chemical weapons, then find out a body which works to stop their use, and then give it the Nobel Peace Prize. In 2009, this prize went to Barack Obama, apparently for his efforts to

Those were the days my friend

You know your age has passed the half¬way house and it is all downhill from now on when: People tell you to take it easy, slow down, you are not getting any younger, lean back a bit - and you hate them for saying it. Everyone has advic


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