What next for Modi?

Like any other news-room, people in Delhi metro this morning were active enough to predict the results and margins. Many of them were a step ahead in predicting the trouble the new prime minister may face during his rule. While man

Calling RTI an external constraint for PSU banks unfair

What is problematic with this report? While I am not competent to comment on the banking and financial issues discussed in this report, I find the committee`s attitude towards the Right to Information Act, 2005 (RTI Act) v

On men who man the poll booths

If the general election that got over on Monday (May 12) has to be described in a word, that word has to be ‘watershed’. After all, this, as statistics show, is the election that drew out the most number of people – 55.1 crore, o

Single directive struck down

The media has reported the latest judgment of the Supreme Court (Constitution bench of 5 judges) striking down a provision of the law that governs the functioning of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), regarding the procedure for inquiring

Chennai auto-wallahs` disillusionment with Jayalalithaa

An encounter with auto-rickshaw drivers in Chennai mostly leaves commuters drained and exasperated. They drive recklessly, for most of them traffic rules are meant to be broken, and they argue over fares, despite the fact that metres are installed

India in their mind

Book review: A Strange Kind of Paradise: India Through Foreign Eyes: Sam Miller (Interview): Penguin India, 440 pages, Rs 599

Vote with conviction

Today when I speak to people about their voting preferences, the usual answer I get is "Even though I like party `C` I will vote for party `A` to ensure that party `B` stays out of power. When I ask them what if party `C` or any other party y

Secret diary of Modi: ab ki baar... thank you, yaar!

Dear diary, Got up in the morning again. I do, these days. Get up in the morning, that is. Gone are the times when I was the IPL boss and it was part of the brief to attend late-night parties and wake up late. Alas... (Note to self:

Biopsy of FYUP

Justification for Change I am fortunate to have witnessed Dr. Dinesh Singh twice justifying the four-year undergraduate programme (FYUP) course, especially defending the introduction of Foundation Course papers and on that

Why I voted for AAP

My experience with elections dates back to the 2007 Delhi Sikh Gurudwara management committee (DSGMC) elections. DSGMC is an organisation that, apart from managing Gurudwaras in the national capital, also manages educational institutions, hospital

On CSR, govt is not quite right.

The government is not quite right. Choose to explain. No, I am not egging on the companies to disobey but I believe it is now more important for both; the government, including the state governments, and the corporate sector, includ

Afghan elections and future prospects of the region

Afghanistan is preparing for its presidential election slated for 5 April, this election is very crucial for the country as well as its neighbours including Pakistan, Iran and India. Any development in Afghanistan will be directly linked to its ne

Indians are coming to Gulf for cricket, and that`s good

Indians are coming after a 14 year hiatus and they will once again play a sort of `international` cricket tournament in the UAE. This hosting of a segment of the IPL should be seen as a first step towards re-establishing test and one-day ties and

Okay, just letting off steam

What with this Khobragade lady and the US courts now throwing out the case against her (so much for the big fight) and leaving crusader attorney Preet Bharara with a little egg on his face because the loophole offered  him to put in another c

Arvind, I am a little tensed.

Arvind, I am a little tensed. And I believe the anxiety in me is typical of the feelings of hundreds of thousands of people across the cities, towns and villages of India. Arvind, three years ago when you steadfastly stood by Shri A

Inspired by Oscars, 3rd Front leaders meet to shoot a selfie

Was this the selfie that launched a million tweets, And beat and singed the topless pics of wannabe celebs? Sweet Voter, make us immortal with a kiss.   In an unconventional break from convention, it was

So opinion polls are fixed? Big deal, I say

Something is rotten in the state of news TV. Heaven will direct it. Nay, let`s follow it. (Exit) With due apologies to Mr Shakespeare, and Messrs Marcellus and Horatio, it’s not that easy to leave the stag

Winter fading. Season`s greetings, and groanings

I say going out for a post-lunch smoke is becoming a tougher decision to make with each passing day, you say the sun is still fun. I say the coconut oil in that ugly blue plastic flip-can is starting to become semi-solid even in mor

Did you quit for the Jan Lokpal, really?

So many thoughts come to mind after watching the hilarious, dramatic, erratic, and completely nonsense exit of the Arvind Kejriwal government on Friday. Blackmailing. Naiveté of those who want to overhaul everything in a day. Systemic break

Chidambaram, an apology might help

I do not personally know Sudhir Krishna, secretary of urban development department but I have interacted with him enough to say with conviction that his English does not merit reproach. The first time I met him in September last yea

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CM Nitish’s convoy attacked in Buxar


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