Arvind, I am a little tensed.

Arvind, I am a little tensed. And I believe the anxiety in me is typical of the feelings of hundreds of thousands of people across the cities, towns and villages of India. Arvind, three years ago when you steadfastly stood by Shri A

Inspired by Oscars, 3rd Front leaders meet to shoot a selfie

Was this the selfie that launched a million tweets, And beat and singed the topless pics of wannabe celebs? Sweet Voter, make us immortal with a kiss.   In an unconventional break from convention, it was

So opinion polls are fixed? Big deal, I say

Something is rotten in the state of news TV. Heaven will direct it. Nay, let`s follow it. (Exit) With due apologies to Mr Shakespeare, and Messrs Marcellus and Horatio, it’s not that easy to leave the stag

Winter fading. Season`s greetings, and groanings

I say going out for a post-lunch smoke is becoming a tougher decision to make with each passing day, you say the sun is still fun. I say the coconut oil in that ugly blue plastic flip-can is starting to become semi-solid even in mor

Did you quit for the Jan Lokpal, really?

So many thoughts come to mind after watching the hilarious, dramatic, erratic, and completely nonsense exit of the Arvind Kejriwal government on Friday. Blackmailing. Naiveté of those who want to overhaul everything in a day. Systemic break

Chidambaram, an apology might help

I do not personally know Sudhir Krishna, secretary of urban development department but I have interacted with him enough to say with conviction that his English does not merit reproach. The first time I met him in September last yea

Learnings for Politicians

The Newshour Debate on NDTV on January 15 was an exception: perhaps the first time, not one but two participants clearly and comprehensibly laid bare the hypocrisy of almost all the political parties in India espousing the so called secularism. Th

Does content matter when politicians blabber?

The prime ministerial candidate of the BJP and Gujarat`s chief minister, Narendra Modi, is considered as a good orator. The saffron leader is known to enthral crowds through his rhetoric. The content of his speeches doesn’t excite me, though

From rapists to racists

  In your face. For months rape was the dubious distinction for India. Now, it has been joined by another sinister cousin. The cold blooded immensely senseless killing of a student in Delhi who came from the eastern states underscores

The Nutty Side of School

What sort of world do we have to live in where a four-year-old has to undergo an entrance examination to get into kindergarten? And why is it so acceptable for school teachers to actually have a yardstick. You cannot have any measure of a child&rs

AAP vs aam aurat vs khap panchayats

The AAP government in Delhi refuses to ban khap panchayats. It condones search and assault of African women in Khirki extension in south Delhi. The chief minister and his cabinet colleagues even sit on a dharna demanding suspension of police offic

Please just take a hike get lost and shut up

Every time some calls me or meets me and says they need to tell me something and they are percolating with excitement, I want to go into my little room, shut the door and hide because I know they are going to tell me what I don’t want to hea

How to read an interview

The 27 January interview of Rahul Gandhi with Times Now’s Arnab Goswami has been dubbed a disappointment. Keeping the fact that it was pitched as a NaMo-Raga face-off, no one really got any masala. Nothing that Gandhi said incited p

Er, is that an err in Rahul Gandhi`s earnestness?

Dear Rahul,   I saw your interview last night, as I am sure the whole nation, or, may be, the 10 or so percent of it that understands English did. Not that I understand English much – I mean I still go around confusing bet

Dear Shinde & Bassi, you were asking for ruckus at Rail Bhavan

It was just after 9 pm on a Monday, a time Arnab Goswami must have had just welcomed his viewers to The Newshour – to another bout of controlled anarchy. The Central Secretariat station of Delhi Metro was abuzz – people going home from

Tharoors Vs Vohras

After I heard the Tharoors had received eleven billion responses to their tweets over their marital fallout, I thought it was a great way to get back some social traction. Ever since I stopped running, the daily newspaper invitations have sort

Oh please, stop the piety!

I am all for the underdog but the pious get my goat. Like I was leaning on the side of Indian diplomat Devyani Khorbade vs. the nasty government of the US until I saw her pictures in the paper this morning paying tribute to Dr. Ambedkar, the leade

A steadily growing India Inc. and what it means for a sluggish economy

As per Reserve Bank of India (RBI), every ten percent depreciation of the rupee adds 120 basis points to inflation. This is because higher import costs are passed on to consumers and increase in fuel prices leads to higher fiscal deficit to the ex

A post-election national political scenario

It is now clear that the most potent political force in the 2014 parliamentary poll will be AAP and the least potent, Congress. However, at this point of time, BJP is the most formidable party with considerable lead over the rest. AAP is li

Theatre of the absurd: televising Kejriwals at home

If Arvind Kejriwal has to take a public vote for every decision he takes, he is going to paint himself into a corner. Against the background over the weekend controversy over the house allotted to him, and his dithering over it and his incessant b

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