A broken promise, an incomplete flat and a big hole in the pocket

I still vividly remember that nippy February evening in 2010 when and I and my wife drove down to a real estate broker’s office in Noida and booked our dream flat in Amrapali Silicon City, with the hope that we would, in a couple of years, s

RTI Act: Why citizens must send a strong message to MPs

There is a very disturbing news report about the entire political spectrum agreeing that RTI is misused and some constrictions and impediments should be developed to muzzle it. This is indeed a sad state of affairs. Samajawadi Part

A letter to the Kota girl

Dear Beta, I am sorry for pushing you to death. In fact, I have to apologise to you for many things: • Each time you showed me your mark-sheet, I got angry and lectured you on how you need to do better next time.

Death of a river

On a dry winter morning in December 2012, while crossing the bridge over what seemed like narrow waterway in an eastern UP town, I noticed a mountain of garbage in the stream. This shrunken, polluted and narrow stream was river Varuna. I, a cub re

“My methods may be unconventional, but my intentions are good!”

A girl studying in the prestigious Presidency University was thrashed in south Kolkata by a group of people owing allegiance to the Trinamool Congress (TMC) on April 15,

AAP has to remember promise of clean politics and also ensure cleaner Delhi

We the Indians ignore basics in almost all acts of ours is well illustrated by the dirty Delhi. The national capital, with exception of NDMC area, looks like one huge garbage dump. Whether it is politics are deep game plan of various political pla

Letter to the PM, from nowhere

Dear Sir, We are neither left nor right, not even anywhere in the centre. We do not have any party of our own. We do not have a fixed status. Our position is dubious in the society. Economically we don`t even exist. We are not even

2006, 2011, 2016: An expression of helplessness

Graffiti declaring ‘rebellion’ had coloured the newly constructed walls of the girls` hostel of one of the colleges of Delhi University (DU). Candlelight marches had become a way of protesting ‘injustice’ and India Gate an

When public display of emotions by politicians is assuring

It is rare for the politicians or public officials display emotions on television, and rarer for Indian politicians to even modulate their voices to reflect the issues they seek to articulate. It is handed down the ages that a displ

Word of the Year: Identity

In the year 2015, world witnessed many occasions that made us question our ‘being’. The thing that defines us into who we are, what we believe in and what we think is worth pursuing. this year, on accou

Surviving Chennai floods: I came back to my apartment after 19 days

The city is struggling to return to normalcy after massive devastation. Those with means are managing to start from scratch in life, while those lacking sufficient money are fighting to establish one’s home and even to make en

RBI under RTI scanner

In what will be described as a landmark judgment in the history of the implementation of the Right to Information Act, 2005 (RTI Act), the supreme court of India has thrown out hook, line and sinker. It has rejected the plea of the Reserve Bank of

Why is Cong making such noise over a court case?

Court summons to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in National Herald case have become a political issue.  Congress on Tuesday forced adjournment of both houses of parliament with party members in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha storming into the

Will our politicians buy from Flipkart’s Sachin and lift India?

Will our politicians learn from bitter rivals in business and put focus back on India? During nearly month-long session of parliament starting tomorrow, around 30 bills, including GST and real estate regulation bills, are slated to

We are a republic of the monarchs

Writing for Frontier in 1983, noted political theorist and commentator Partha Chatterjee remarked that India has quietly built a system in which "to the accompaniment of the full fanfare of democratic process" it elects its own monarchs.

Is it okay to hope that `jungle raj` will not return to Bihar?

The raja is back in Bihar with a new partner. Today, Nitish Kumar was sworn in as the chief minister of Bihar for the fifth time, with Lalu Prasad Yadav and Rahul Gandhi as partners. After breaking with BJP, Nitish Kumar took on pri

Paris, Belgium, India, Pakistan and the graffiti of hatred

Ten years back a group of visiting Indian women journalists were in for a shock in Brussels. Drooling over the taste of delicious Belgian chocolates that they had tasted and bought from the metro subway store for carrying home, they saw the huge a

My emotions are confused - an emoji is replacing my word

Often we are let down by the words that we chose. In this modern era it is technology that is failing us. May be this explains why Oxford Dictionaries announced on Tuesday that the emoji, commonly known as `Face with Tears of Joy`, is its word of

Goodbye, Sir

Ved Bhasin, chairman, Kashmir Times, who breathed his last on Thursday at Jammu at the age of 86, is credited with institutionalizing journalism in Jammu and Kashmir. Many a big names in Indian journalism today owe their careers to Bhasin, who was

Tolerance and Respect for Economic Progress

Convocation address by Dr. Raghuram Rajan, Governor, Reserve Bank of India at the IIT Delhi Convocation, October 31, 2015


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