Crossing the border

Among leaders, there are doves and there are hawks. And then some who go beyond binaries

Who benefits from India-Pakistan conflict?


Balakot success needs a diplomatic follow-up to discourage beneficiaries of proxy war

An engineering disaster


NIT Uttarakhand is in a shambles. Half the students study in Jaipur, and a permanent campus seems nowhere in sight

Why not have a reconciliation panel?


It would be a good idea to unify the commissions for human rights, SCs and STs into a single, broad-based reconciliation commission

On the line


For all its achievements, the railways remains an inefficient performer. Incremental improvements may get it rolling smoother

Easing birthpangs


New govt app for pregnant women; ninth of every month to be safe-birthing day

“India has huge potential to improve the account usage”


Dr Pawan Bakhshi, of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, talks about its India specific programmes which aim to broaden the reach of low-cost digital financial services for the poor.

Land digitisation and India


Despite continued efforts to computerise land records, the overall pace of transformation in records management system has been sluggish

Portrait of a scholar-activist as a young student


In his autobiography, Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd reminisces his college days and recalls the formative role of books

On a personal note: Tara Deshpande


Actor, model, VJ, author and a trained chef, Tara talk about the importance of cultural diversity in food habits and influence on Indian cuisine

Unscrapped into art

Photo story

Using 150 tonnes of metal scrap and industrial waste, artists have created smaller replicas of some of the world’s well-known monuments at the Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Van

Rethinking healthcare


Ayushman Bharat must be looked at not in isolation but as a major milestone among several steps taken towards building a sustainable health ecosystem