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The case of whistleblowers and their protection

Governance is 5 percent policy and 95 percent implementation,” former cabinet secretary TSR Subramanian writes in his book,  The Road to Good Governance. He would know, for he has been a

Some brands of nationalism can be injurious to your health!

The next battle over ‘nationalism’ is beginning: apparently, if you criticise the dangerous state of drug manufacturing in India that can kill people, you might not be nationalistic.

A sincere attempt to improve the quality of medicine for people around the world

For over two and half years now, I have tried very hard to convince the Indian government to do something about the widespread prevalence of substandard drugs in the country. A recent report puts t

Visionary Talk: Amitabh Gupta, Pune Police Commissioner with Kailashnath Adhikari, MD, Governance Now


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