PM condemns killings of civilians in Israel-Hamas conflict

Addressing 2nd Voice of Global South Summit, Modi underlines restraint, dialogue and diplomacy

GN Bureau | November 17, 2023

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PM Narendra Modi delivering his opening remarks at the inaugural session of the 2nd Voice of the Global South Summit via video conferencing on Friday.
PM Narendra Modi delivering his opening remarks at the inaugural session of the 2nd Voice of the Global South Summit via video conferencing on Friday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has condemned the killing of civilians in the Israel-Hamas war and underlined the need for restraint, dialogue and diplomacy for finding a way out of the conflict.

“For global prosperity, ‘sab ka saath’ and ‘sab ka vikas’ are necessary,” he said in his opening remarks at the Second Voice of Global South Summit here Friday. “But we see that new challenges are emerging out of the situation in West Asia. India has condemned the dastardly terrorist strike on Israel on October 7. We have stressed dialogue and diplomacy along with restraint. We strongly condemn the killing of civilians in the Israel-Hamas conflict,” he said.

“After speaking with [Palestine] President Mahmoud Abbas, we have sent humanitarian assistance for the people of Palestine,” the PM said. “This is the time when the nations of the Global South speak in one voice for the greater global good.”

On the emerging technology of Artificial Intelligence, he said it should not become “a new source of increasing the distance between the North and the South”. He stressed the need for using the AI technology in a “responsible” manner. To promote this, an AI Global Partnership Summit is being organised in India next month, he added. In particular, he red-flagged the dangers of the ‘deep-fake’ technology using AI.

Modi said, “Let us move forward for ‘One Earth One Family One Future’ with 5-Cs. When I speak of 5-Cs, I mean consultation, cooperation, communication, creativity and capacity building.”



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