Enhanced MCA21 V3 Portal Paves the Way for Improved Corporate Governance

GN Connect | June 13, 2023

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Corporate governance has always been a critical issue for businesses in India. As part of its ongoing digitalization drive, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) recently launched the latest version of its portal, MCA21 V3, which not only leverages advanced technology but also promotes “trust-based governance,” striking a balance between productivity and efficiency of both capital and human resources. The platform greatly enhances ease of doing business for corporates, while also aiding the government in refining their corporate governance practices by simplifying compliance through standardization and elimination of redundancies.

“With the updated MCA21 V3 site, the ministry now has access to the latest AI technologies to enable improved data analysis, enhanced compliance, and help mitigate irregularities. The additional checks and validations guarantee improved stakeholder identification and higher data quality,” said Sudhir Chaturvedi, Whole-Time Director, and President-Sales at LTIMindtree, the chosen technology partner for the initiative.

MCA21 V3 includes a cognitive AI/ML driven chatbot, mobile applications, interactive user dashboards, and UI/UX technologies that provide a betteruser experience and seamless data dissemination through APIs. What sets V3 apart from its predecessors is its enhanced services, such as web-based forms and cutting-edge data analytics tools to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions to ensure mandatory process compliance. Additionally, MCA21 V3 has an onboarding process that ensures optimal user security through KYC compliance. When users fill out forms on the platform, the system verifies their identity via the PAN database in real-time. After registering as business users, they must link their IDs with their Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) to maximize security and prevent fraudulent transactions.

The MCA has been continuously announcing changes to adoptbetter governance and disclosure mechanisms, relooking at necessary compliance checks. The V3 portal significantly helps corporates and the government in maintaining complete traceability of any transaction on the system. Overall, 21.5 lakh forms have been filed on the new V3 portal, and over 5.3 lakh users have registered or updated their profiles under the new KYC norms. The portal also had a record-breaking 1,507 new company incorporation filings on 15th March 2023 – the highest ever for MCA.

According to the MCA spokesperson, “The new platform provides a higher level of automation for processing forms, facilitating Straight Through Processing (STP) of a larger number of forms without any manual intervention, due to the improved checks in the system. Additionally, it enables the linkage of multiple forms based on their purpose of filing, to prevent non-compliance in the filing process of companies. The new system provides greater convenience for users and centralized processing of selected forms, which can be handled by a newly established Central Processing Center (CPC) in a faceless and jurisdiction-less manner. This new initiative was announced in the Honorable Finance Minister’s Budget 2023.”

“At LTIMindtree, we understand how vital a seamless user experience is when it comes to using technology platforms. Therefore, we are leaving no stone unturned in our efforts to address the teething issues faced by the users on MCA21 V3 portal. We will continue our mission of delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that are user-friendly and efficient, which in turn will drive better productivity and positive outcomes for our end-users,” Chaturvedi said.



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