Army to have common uniform for Brigadier, above-rank officers

Mandate to apply irrespective of parent cadre; aimed to reinforce the military’s fair and equitable character


Geetanjali Minhas | May 9, 2023 | Mumbai

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The late Gen. Bipin Rawat with colleagues (file photo, courtesy
The late Gen. Bipin Rawat with colleagues (file photo, courtesy

From August 1, Brigadier and Indian Army officers of the rank above it will have a common uniform irrespective of the parent cadre and appointment.
The move will promote and strengthen common identity and approach in service matters amongst senior leadership, beyond the boundaries of regimentation and also reinforce the Indian Army’s character to be a fair and equitable organisation.

The headgear, shoulder rank badges, gorget patches, belt and shoes of senior officers of flag rank (Brigadier and above) will now be standardised and common. The flag-rank officers will now not wear any lanyard.

There is no change to the uniform worn by Colonels and below-rank officers.

Army sources said that different types of uniform and accoutrements have specific association to respective Arms, Regiments and Services in the Indian Army. They said, this recognition with distinct identity within the Arms or Regiment or Services is essential for junior leadership and the rank and file to further strengthen camaraderie, esprit de corps and regimental ethos which is the bedrock of soldiering. At the unit / battalion level, a distinct sense of identity reflects a strong bond among officers and men in the same regiment” said that source adding that the decision was taken after detailed deliberations during the recently concluded Army Commanders Conference and extensive consultations with all stake holders.

In the Indian Army, Brigadier and above-rank officers are those who have already commanded units / battalions and are mostly posted at headquarters / establishments where officers from all Arms and Services work and function together. A standard uniform will ensure a common identity for all senior-rank officers while reflecting the true ethos of the Indian Army.



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