PM inaugurates new campus of Saifee Academy

Hails Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah of Dawoodi Bohras for adapting to changing times; urges them to digitise ancient texts


Geetanjali Minhas | February 10, 2023 | Mumbai

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Prime minister Narendra Modi on Friday inaugurated the new campus of Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah (The Saifee Academy), principal educational institute of Dawoodi Bohra community at Marol in Mumbai.

The institute under the guidance of His Holiness Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin is working to protect learning traditions and literary culture of the community.

While giving his address to members of the community, the prime minister said that he is not here as a PM but as a family member who has been associated with this family for four generations.

He said every community, group or organization is recognized by its ability to keep its relevance intact with changing times. “On the parameters of adapting to changing times and development, Dawoodi Bohra Community has proved itself. The institution of Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah is a living example of this,” he said.   

“When I go somewhere not only in the country but also abroad, my Bohra brothers and sisters definitely come to meet me,” he said underlining the love and concern of Bohra community for India.

Speaking on education, Modi said India is taking the resolutions of Amrit Kaal forward with reforms like the new National Education Policy and new opportunities are being made available for modern education of women and girls. He said the priority of the country is a modern education system moulded in an Indian ethos as he recalled the times when India used to be a centre for education with institutes like Nalanda and Takshila which drew the attention of students from around the world.

The prime Minister said that that 145 colleges were established between 2004-2014, whereas more than 260 medical colleges came into existence between 2014-22. “In the last 8 years, one university and two colleges were opened every week. This speed and scale is witness to the fact that India is going to become the pool of that young talent that is going to shape the world” he said.

He also said that engineering and medical education can now be taken up in regional languages. He added that simplification of the patent process has helped the patent system a great deal and youth of today are being equipped with skills to deal with technology and innovation. “Our youth are primed for real-world problems and are actively finding solutions,” said Modi.

At the centenary celebration of Dr Sydena in Surat, the PM recalled commitment of the spiritual leader about water situation in Gujarat and expressed gratitude for their continued commitment to the cause of water as well as tackling malnutrition.

While speaking further, he said an  announcement has been made in the budget to digitize ancient records with the help of new techniques and he urged members of all societies and sects to come forward and digitize any ancient texts associated with them. He highlighted the contributions that the Bohra community can make by associating the youth with this campaign.

Speaking on Ease of Doing Business, Modi said, in the last 8-9 years the country abolished 40,000 compliances and decriminalized hundreds of provisions. “Today, the country is standing with the job creators.”

He spoke of uniqueness of all communities and ideology in the country and credited it to the prosperous path of the development of heritage and modernity in India. He added that we are celebrating ancient traditional festivals and at the same time making use of digital payments.
The PM also gave examples of programmes such as environment protection, the promotion of millets and India’s G20 Presidency where the Bohra community can encourage public participation.

“People of the Bohra community in foreign lands can act as brand ambassadors of shining India. The Dawoodi Bohra community will continue to play an important role in reaching the goal of a developed India” said Modi.

Maharashtra chief minister Eknath Shinde, Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis and HH Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin were present on the occasion.



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