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Another new year, another set of resolutions – to be forgotten soon? Not this time, once you are clear about how it all works. Here are some actionable tips

Ajay Rawal | December 30, 2023

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Get ready to welcome the new year with new goals (Above: Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh: GN Photo)
Get ready to welcome the new year with new goals (Above: Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh: GN Photo)

In one of my sessions, I asked the participants, “Do you have goals in life?” What do you presume would have been the answer? Almost everyone raised their hands. Then I asked, “Have you written down those goals?” Now only a few hands went up. Once again, I quizzed, “How many of you are carrying your goal list with you right now?” And there was only one hand up out of almost a hundred people present in auditorium. Surprised? People do have goals but they are endured only in the mind. We surmise that if we continue to have the goals in the mind, they may get accomplished one day. We live in ‘H-Opium’. We also grow up with some beliefs, such as ‘You don’t get anything before the right time or more than what is destined’. Net outcome: people abstain from taking optimum actions.

Do you also set goals at the beginning of new year? But do you even remember them in three weeks’ time, let along taking any action on the same? There are four reasons why people do not set goals. First, they do not know ‘Why’ they should have goals. No one since childhood ever emphasised on the need of the same. Second, they do not know the ‘How’ or the modus operandi of setting goals and devising the action plan to achieve them. Third, they ‘Fear’ setting goals. What if there is something better. We have always been told that we only get what is destined. And fourth, they lack ‘Self-Esteem’. They question of they really deserve the accomplishment of that dream goal. Well, seems apparent that there is danger in setting goals but honestly, there is infinite danger in not setting goals.

So, wouldn’t it be good if we abandon the erroneous beliefs behind and take action? Human beings are goal seeking organisms and function best when pursuing a higher order goal or vision. In fact, there are seven key area of life in which we must set goals which make the life fulfilling and wholesome. These are: 1. Finance, 2. Business and Career, 3. Fun and Recreation, 4. Relationships, 5. Personal Development, 6. Health & Fitness and 7. Contribution and Charity. We must write 21 goals (three in each of the seven key areas) to be accomplished in the next five years. Writing goals by hand imprints them into the hippocampus, the storehouse of memory in our brain which then activates the ‘Reticular Activating System (RAS)’.

The RAS creates necessary awareness, resources and opportunities to help accomplish the goals. It is like if you wish to buy a particular make and colour of a car brand, you will exactly see the same car visible on the road. Have you heard of the acronym ‘WYTAYBA’? The acronym stands for ‘What You Think About You Bring About’. Everything happens twice, first in the mind and second in reality. Every great innovation or a monument, since times immemorial existed first as a mere ‘Thought’ in someone’s mind. That thought, much like a seed, germinated and brought the actual reality to fruition.

People who think big set something known as B-HAGs. B-HAG as an acronym stands for ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goals’. These are those dreams that do not let one sleep. Let me share some examples of B-HAGs. John F Kennedy: Landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth. Bill Gates: A computer on every desk and in every home. Steve Jobs: We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why even be here? B-HAG forces a company or an organisation to think big and create a plan for long-term success. It enables setting of a huge goal that drives progress forward, defines a vision for the future, and gets everyone working toward achieving it. The same is no different for people.


A dream is a dream. A dream embedded in the mind is actually a mere wish. A written goal is a dream which has the necessary energy for consummation. You may write 21 goals but must carry that one most important goal in your pocket. Looking at it multiple times in the day aligns one to the vibration necessary for achievement. It also obviates mind’s preoccupation from trivial matters that bother us regularly. The new year 2024 is approaching soon, so it may be apt to put together a list of your goals of life on each of the seven parameters. If we do not establish priorities for self, life just happens. Remember the old saying, “Life Happens!” It is prudent to set annual priorities not just for self but for the family too. Your personal B-HAG can help stimulate your progress towards the clearly defined goal. There are proposed 4 No’s to focus on BHAGs which need to be obviated. 1. Say ‘No’ to cluttering the mind. 2. Say ‘No’ to interruptions. 3. Say ‘No’ to time robbers. 4. Say ‘No’ to your own unbelief.

Hence in 2024, do not take care... take action, take charge, take control. Only thoughts become things!

Ajay Rawal is a professional with a unique combination of Rx, OTC and FMCG sales and marketing experience spanning over twenty years. He is a recipient of National Award for Marketing Excellence by Times Network and CMO council. He is also an Internationally Certified and Licensed NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) expert.




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