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Kashmir’s Bloody Money Trail

Provoking and sustaining separatism and terrorism is good business. Money flows from across the border, and separatist leaders enrich themselves

Why bullet trains are unsuitable for India

We should rather go for conventional high-speed trains, which will prove better and cheaper. The big advantage we have is the flat terrain on trunk routes

Senior railway officer Achal Khare on the bullet train roadmap

How India plans to realise its bullet train dreams

Being the prime minister’s brother

Somabhai Modi, the PM’s elder brother, is happy running a physiotherapy centre and a home for the aged in Vadnagar. No active politics for him

Finding a diplomatic way through political instability

India, a leading player in Afghanistan’s development, will have to think about the Taliban factor

Giving birth as a Baiga

One way of nurturing a ‘particularly vulnerable’ tribe is to ensure that births are under medical supervision. But for the Baigas, this rarely happens

The mapping of India

The government maintains a balance between security and development through National Map Policy, says former surveyor general of India

Biting the bullet train

If India is to launch its first bullet train in five years, it will need meticulous planning to meet a series of challenges

Sowing wheat earlier can help increase yields in India: US researcher

Identifying the causes of gaps will provide actionable information to enhance food security

Food security: Solution lies in traditional food

On World Food Day, the country needs to focus on promoting the dying practice of locally producing food by aboriginals like Baigas and Gonds


Grand Diwali celebrations in Ayodhaya on eve of diwali

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