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CSR spend up by 28%; contribution to PM’s relief fund up by 418%

The Companies Act mandates spending on CSR activities by the companies

How tribal infants are dying of malnutrition in Palghar

A number of tribal kids are dying of malnutrition in Palghar district, Maharashtra. Lack of basic facilities like roads, water, healthcare and employment is also not helping

Case for synchronising election cycles

It will save time and money, remove frequent election-mode governance gaps

My NPAs, your NPAs

If you equate the bad loan crisis with public sector banks, think again. Private sector lenders are also in the soup

NHRC seeks more teeth

At its foundation day, the commission hopes that its recommendations be taken seriously by the states

Make a noise

Many years have passed in lax interpretation of noise pollution rules. It is time authorities took stringent action on citizens’ complaints

Balancing the rights – of mother and unborn baby

The pro-life bias in the abortion law undermines the rights of women as they cannot terminate even an early pregnancy at will

India sees dramatic improvement in opportunities for girl child: UN

The largest numbers of 10-year-olds today are in India and China, which account for about 20 percent and 12.3 percent of the world`s total, respectively

Case against cash

With increasing internet penetration, is cash set to disappear from the country?

Karimov: The man who steered Uzbekistan through transition times

He had great political acumen, stepping in his shoes will be a difficult task for his successor


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