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Digital Transformation Summit

The power of a meal

The Akshaya Patra Foundation provides mid-day meals to over 1.6 million children every day with the aid of the government and corporates

So what Pahlaj Nihalani, if there`s lipstick under the burkha

The censor board needs to be replaced with an industry body which can take a nuanced approach to film certification

The last fake encounter killing in Doon Valley

A heartbreaking story of a custodial killing, and a fauji fatherís long struggle for justice

Demonetisation is short-term challenges for long-term gains: Usha Ananthasubramanian

Interview with Usha Ananthasubramanian, managing director and chief executive officer, Punjab National Bank

India seeks dispute panel against US at WTO

According to India, eleven measures adopted at the state level in the US to promote renewable energy violate WTO rules.

Chalk in the hands of the scholar

Is the plan to count PhD students as IIT faculty members a step in right direction?


A mirage called disinvestment

Over the years the government has failed to meet its disinvestment targets, but that has not deterred it from the setting its sights even higher

A tale of land loss, from Birsaís village

The Jharkhand government has pushed through amendments to laws, leaving tribals unprotected against takeover of their land. A report from Ulihatu

India needs policy measures to conform to global standards: Carnegie

For India to achieve its policy objectives, the government and industry, must prepare for opportunities and greater engagement in an evolving multilateral trade arena

How a PSU takes land for mining

Police firing, pre-fabricated consent letters, dalals, destruction of villagersí fields Ė a ground report from the coal-rich Barkagaon region in Jharkhand


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