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PM Modi says Rajan is patriotic, loves India

“He [Rajan] is no less a patriot than any one of us. I know him and I appreciate his work. I know he loves India and wherever he goes he will keep working for India.”

E-Classes: An IIT in every classroom...

... provided there is uninterrupted internet access and power supply. Web-based Swayam platform is ambitious but will face infrastructure challenges

All government services to be online in Maharashtra

The Maharashtra government will make all services online in a year`s time, said chief minister Devendra Fadnavis

This government wants to make us brain-dead: Actor MK Raina

Breaking Bread: MK Raina, actor, theatre personality and cultural activist

“We have opened over 36 lakh accounts under PMJDY”

With OBC’s standalone profit of Rs 21.62 crore, OBC executive director Rajkiran Rai G speaks about challenges and hurdles before the banking sector and ways to tide over them

The Left reunification is possible: CPI leader Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy

In an interview with Governance Now, Reddy discusses the problems and prospects of the Indian Left

No detention till Class 5, says new draft policy on education 2016

Exclusive: Draft calls for amendments in RTE Act, says no exemption in EWS provision

I never diluted my gayaki: Girija Devi

Vocalist Girija Devi shares her thoughts on the future of folk-classical music, reality shows, fusion and why she is apprehensive about singing for films

Primer: Making sense of the NSG muddle

Formed after Pokhran tests to keep India out, the ‘nuke cabal’ will come a full circle if it makes New Delhi a member

India well prepared for Brexit aftermath: Jaitley

Our immediate and medium-term firewalls are solid too in the form of a healthy reserve position, says Jaitley

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