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No right to plan their families

A 38-year-old government order denies Baigas the choice of undergoing sterilisation

Mukul Roy quits TMC, jolt to Mamata

Roy’s exit would create a Rajya Sabha vacancy

Niti Aayog calls for ‘exams on demand’

It wants opening up the option of ‘second chance’ programs, where those who have dropped out at the elementary level can certify themselves at the higher levels

In Yogi regime, police return to notorious past of encounter killings

Senior office flaunt figures with pride though those killed are usually petty criminals

When BHU’s calm was shattered

Students have either left for their home towns or have taken shelter at their local friends’ homes

The ascent of Nirmala Sitharaman

Nirmala Sitharaman’s elevation to the post of defence minister speaks loud as guns of the trust the party and the PM have in her. Also of a sterling track record as party spokesperson and commerce minister

Securing official communication

Will the new email network of the government ensure foolproof security?

Jewar airport: Turbulence on the ground

The SP government’s handsome deal to farmers who gave up land for the Agra-Lucknow expressway had raised hopes. But farmers giving up land for the Jewar airport don’t expect the BJP government to be as liberal

Muddy makeover of the Taj

The ivory white monument of love is turning pale yellow, and mudpacks are being applied to improve it. But is that enough when the cause of the yellowing is rampant pollution?

Incumbents` loss is Jio`s gain

TRAI rules that Bill and Keep model, demanded by Reliance Jio, is subscriber friendly; will lower tariffs, promote competition and incentivise modernisation of infrastructure


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