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Why next polls are not a referendum on demonetisation

Currency pain – or purification bliss – is very much on top of the voter’s mind but what if there’s a split verdict?

Never mind Anil Vij and KVIC, Obama still finds inspiration from Gandhi

Professor-president says books helped him survive presidency, names Jhumpa Lahiri among favourites

There’s something about Shiv Sena – and donations

Receives Rs 86.94 crore via this route – more than four times the total of other 15 regional parties in 2015-16

Demonetisation and digitisation as nation-building

Modi’s push for a cashless economy and digital society is welcome. It should be a national and market-based programme, not just a central government initiative

Budget private schools criticise inclusion in ESI

The move to subscribe to the Scheme to Promote Registration of Employees/ Employers (SPREE) has created problems for cash-strapped schools, said NISA

India’s limited capacity to create employment a serious challenge: WEF

By 2017, a staggering 93% of Indians will hold jobs without social security benefits

India fares poorly in global ranking of passports

Germany is in the lead, with Singapore in second place

DeMo can’t fight black money: Leading business body

Assocham study finds note-scrapping can do little to stop parallel economy

A suicide that shook India

It’s been a year since University of Hyderabad PhD scholar Rohith Vemula killed himself, triggering outrage across the country

Gandhigiri, chamchagiri and the spinning-wheel doctors

KVIC calendar shows that the organisation has changed its role from promoting khadi to promoting Modi


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