The Evolution of Modi

From Ahmedabad to Delhi, there’s constancy at core amid changes

Zero address voters


As political parties tried hard to woo the voters from all sections of society they forgot one major vote bank – the homeless

Back to the business of governance, with economy as top priority


The best use of the increased political capital will be in launching a second round of big bang reforms

The state of the Left


One of the less noticeable facts about the 2019 elections: the communist parties are nearly irrelevant now. How did this happen?

The mysterious case of CBI’s legality


India’s ‘premier investigating agency’ needs to be backed up in the statute book

The real winner is the FPTP system


The arithmetic of the elections and the vagaries of the first-past-the-post mode

Misinformation, mischief, misuse


WhatsApp joins hands with an NGO to counter hi-tech rumour mongering

Reform of the civil services: At home and away


Taking lessons from Great Britain on transforming bureaucracy in India

Steaming up an oldie


Work is on at full swing to restore Ramgotty, the second oldest steam locomotive at a diesel shed in Delhi

Dangerous meat


Anti-microbial resistance (AMR) will create hard-to-treat bugs that will kill 10 mn people per year globally by 2050, more than cancer and diabetes. In India much of that resistance will spread from the antibiotic-laden meat we eat

The greatest challenge for any government


The present governance failure can be overcome by rationalising the bureaucratic structure and inculcating a proper work ethic in government employees – a process which can take many years. In the short run, enforcing accountability is the only option

The role model for an IAS officer


Anil Swarup shares valuable lessons for young bureaucrats

On a personal note: DIVINE


An underground rapper who grew up on Mumbai streets, Divine spins his music around his environment and poverty. His breakout single, ‘Meri Gully Mein’, along with fellow rapper Naezy caught Bollywood’s attention.